Tutorial Robot 'locus'

If you want to develop a robot driver for TORCS, but find that BT is too primitive (lacking a raceline among other things) and the other robots too complex, this robot might be of some help. It is quite fast and well-behaved, and its code is easy to work with. You may even decide to join next year's Endurance Championship over at the Torcs Racing Board.

Please note that I'm providing this robot as-is - I can't provide support if you run into problems as I'm too busy with other stuff. If you have any general questions about robot programming, the TRB forum is a good place to ask. Also, once you've downloaded locus, please read the README for more information. (71,520 bytes)

Enhanced 'Human' Driver

The 'Human' driver library is what TORCS uses to allow you to drive a car in the game. It works very well for people with the full steering wheel, pedals and gear lever setup. If, however, you only have mouse and keyboard (as I do) then you might find it annoying in some respects. Over time I've made various changes to enhance the experience for mouse and keyboard users, including:-

  * improvements to ABS; it now brakes harder when its safe to do so.

  * improvements to ASR, making it a lot less timid.

  * gradual implementation of acceleration and braking (thanks to Christos)

  * Automatic clutch.

A zip containing the source code along with a pre-compiled Windows DLL and 32-bit Intel Linux can be downloaded here (71,575 bytes).

To install, extract the contents of the zip into the drivers/human folder under your TORCS installation.

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