Programmes from Previous Years


7 September:  Hugh Allen: "Spectroscopy"

21 September:  Observational evening: M13, M15, M27, M57, Saturn

5 October:  "Astronomy Beginners/Intermediate Introduction/Themed Evening"

19 October:  Observational evening: Double Cluster, NGC457, M2, M31, M34, Almach, Uranus

2 November:  Dr. Clive Sainsbury: "Exoplanets - The Hunt for Terra Novas"

16 November:  Observational evening: M45, M36, M37, M38, M33, NGC7789, Neptune

7 December:  Annual 'Pub Quiz', chaired by Maxwell Maltz (With Mince Pies + Raffle)

14 December: Observational evening: Geminid meteors, M42, M35, Betelgeuse, Rigel


11 January: Andrew Sellek: "The Hypothesised Planet 9"

25 January:  Observational evening: Mizar, M44, M67, M42, Sirius, Moon (Plato)

8 February:  Martin Bastian: "Things You Don't Already Know About the Sun"

22 February:  Observational evening: M65/M66, M41, M51, M3, Moon (Alpine Valley)

8 March:  Dr. John Ellwood: "Men Are From Mars - When Will They Return?"

22 March:  Observational evening: M81/M82, M103, M64, Algieba, Moon (Mare Crisium)

12 April:  John Maclean: "OSIRIS-REx: Mission to an Asteroid"

26 April:  Observational evening: M92, M5, Iota Cancri, Jupiter, Moon (Copernicus)

10 May:  AGM                                               21 June:  Summer Social


8 September:  Dr Jane Greaves: "The New Horizons mission to Pluto"

22 September:  Observational evening: M13, M27, M11, Albireo, NGC457, Saturn

6 October:  Paul Money: "Images of the Universe"

20 October:  Observational evening: Double Cluster, M3, M33, M57, Almaach, M15, Uranus

3 November:  Dr Claire Davies: "How do stars and their planets form?"

17 November:  Observational evening: M36, M45, M34, M2, M103, M33, Ceres, Moon (Plato)

8 December:  Annual 'Pub Quiz', chaired by Paul Hutchinson (With Mince Pies + Raffle)


12 January:  Observational evening: M42, Trapezium Cluster, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Mars, Moon (Tycho)

26 January:  Jon Coleman: "The British Space Programme, Part 2"

9 February:  Observational evening: Gamma Arietis, M35, M37, Mars, Venus, Moon (Kepler)

23 February:  Dr Chris North: "The Multi-wavelength Universe"

9 March:  Observational evening: M81/82, Gamma Leonis, M38, Mizar, Moon (Alpine Valley)

23 March:  James Fradgley: "What are Lagrange points?", "Why do mornings get darker after the winter solstice?" and "OBAFGKM"

6 April:  Observational evening: M3, M44, Jupiter, Mars, Moon (Copernicus)

20 April:  Mini-lectures by TAS members
Dave Norman: "Magnetic Universe"
Tobi Norman: "Could a little gravity go a long way?"

11 May:  AGM                                               22 June:  Summer Social at Torquay Museum


10 September:  Professor Ian Morison: "An Introduction to Astroimaging with a DSLR"

24 September:  Observational evening (Moon, Double Cluster, M13, M27, Albireo)

8 October:  Dr Nathan Mayne (Exeter University): “The climates of exoplanets & the hunt for extra-terrestrial life”

22 October:  Observational evening (Uranus, NGC 457, M57, M92, M31)

5 November:  Stephen Tonkin: “Ten Ways The Universe Tries To Kill You”

19 November:  Observational evening (Moon, M15, M103, Gamma Andromedae, M38)

10 December:  “Pub Quiz” chaired by Paul Hutchinson + Mince Pies + Raffle


14 January:  Observational evening (Moon, M42, M45, M1, M37)

28 January:  Dr Clive Sainsbury: “NASA/Mars 1 plans to send people to Mars”

11 February:  Observational evening (Jupiter, M81 & M82, Mizar, M36)

25 February:  Mini-lectures by TAS members

John Higgs: "Henry VIII: Astronomer Royal"
Tony Deyes: "A Planetary Conjunction reshapes a Dutch Astronomer's living room"

3 March:  Observational evening (Jupiter, 3C273, M67, M51, M3, M35)

17 March:  Professor Chris Lintott (TAS Patron)“Is the Milky Way special?” (Hedley Robinson lecture)

7 April:  Observational evening (Jupiter, Gamma Leonis, Betelgeuse, Gamma Virginis, M44)

21 April:  Professor David Southwood: “Happy Landing on Titan and Comet 67P”

12 May:  AGM                                               23 June:  Summer Social


11 September:  Martin Bastian: "The Hubble Constant"

25 September:  Observational evening (focus on M11, M57 & M92)

9 October:  Adam Hart-Davis“Are we alone in the universe?”

23 October:  Observational evening (focus on M33 & NGC 7789)

6 November:  Dr Clare Dobbs (Exeter University): “Star Formation on Galactic Scales”

20 November:  Observational evening (focus on M1, M2 & M38)

11 December:  “Pub Quiz” chaired by Paul Hutchinson + Mince Pies + Raffle


15 January:  Observational evening (focus on Jupiter, M33, M35 & Gamma Andromedae)

29 January:  Robert Massey (Royal Astronomical Society): “The Moon”

12 February:  Observational evening (focus on Sirius, M42, M81/M82 & NGC 2392)

26 February:  Steve Duncan: “Astronomical Imaging”

12 March:  Observational evening (focus on Iota Cancri, NGC 2903, Algol & M44)

26 March:  Mini-lectures by Chris Nearchou & Andrew Sellek

9 April:  Observational evening (focus on M3, Venus, Gamma Leonis & M82)

23 April:  Professor Paul Roche (UK National Schools Astronomer): “Impacts from Space – Death, Destruction & Dinosaurs”

14 May:  AGM                                               18 June:  Summer Social


12 September:  Dr Chris BruntExeter Astrophysics Dept“High Resolution Imaging”

26 September:  Observational evening (focus on M27, M13, Double Cluster)

10 October:  Richard Cole, MSSL“The Dark Side of the Universe - The Euclid Mission”

24 October:  Observational evening (focus on M31, Uranus, Gamma Andromedae)

7 November:  Peter Grego“Observing the Moon”

21 November:  Observational evening (focus on NGC 457, M15, Gamma Delphini)

12 December:  Bill Fothergill: “Astronomy and the universe of BBNs - bloody big numbers”

+   Mince Pies   +   Raffle


 2 January: Possible extra ISON observing session if it is bright???

 9 January:  Observational evening (focus on M45,  Moon , Jupiter)

 23 January:  John Higgs: “A Look Through Gravitational Lenses

 6 February:  Observational evening (focus on M37, Sirius, M81/M82 )

 13 February:  Chris Lintott (Hedley Robinson Memorial Lecture):
“How to discover a planet from your sofa”

 6 March:  Observational evening (focus on Jupiter, M1, M42, M67)

 20 March:   Dr Clive Sainsbury:  Astrobiology:  Life, but not as we know it?

 3 April:  Observational evening (focus on Betelgeuse, Mars,  Mizar)

 24 April:  Dr Allan Chapman"Sir Patrick Moore: A Life"

 15 May: AGM                                                19 June:  Summer Social


2012 September 13

Dr David Acreman: "The spiral arms of our Galaxy"

September 20

Observational evening - (focus on Albireo & M57)

October 4

Professor Ian Morison (Jodrell Bank and Gresham Professor of Astronomy) : "It's About Time"

October 18

Observational evening - (focus on the double cluster in Perseus & M31)

November 8

Dr Ed Gomez: "The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network"

November 22

Observational evening - (focus on Jupiter & the Moon)

December 6

Mini lectures by members - including: Tony Deyes:"Getting your head round the Moon" 
(other contributions welcomed). With Mince Pies and Raffle!

2013 January 10

Observational evening - (focus on the Orion Nebula & Betelgeuse)

January 24

Secretarial Address- David Love"Measuring the Universe"

February 7

Observational evening - (focus on M81/M82 galaxy pair & the M44 open cluster)

February 28

Professor Andrew Coates: "The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer"

March 14

Observational evening - (focus on M35, M36 & the crescent Moon)

March 21

Quiz Evening (against Barnstaple Astronomical Society), chaired by Keith Ball

April 11

Observational evening - (focus on the M3 globular cluster & the binary star Mizar)

April 25

Dr Paul Olver: "Geology and Astronomy"

May 16

Annual General Meeting and Summer 2012 preview

June 20

Summer Social Evening



2011 September 15

Professor Bernard Carr (Queen Mary College, University of London): "Universe or Multiverse?"

September 29

Observational evening - focus on Cygnus / binary star Albireo (beta Cygni)

October 13

Professor Ian Morison (Jodrell Bank and Gresham Professor of Astronomy) : "Black Holes"

November 3

Observational evening - focus on Jupiter / Moon

November 17

Jason Heales (TAS): "Particles and Forces in Astronomy"

December 1

Observational evening - focus on the Pleiades Open Star Cluster (M45)

December 15

Quiz vs North Devon AS (at TBGS!)

2012 January 12

Observational evening - focus on the Orion Nebula (M42)

January 26

Dr Jennifer Hatchell (Exeter University): "Sub-millimetre Astronomy"

February 9

Observational evening - focus on Ursa Major / binary star Mizar

February 23


March 1

Observational evening - focus on 1st quarter moon / Hyades open star cluster

March 22

Steve Duncan: "Eros and the Astronomical Unit"

April 12

Observational evening - focus on Mars

April 26

Chris Lee (Bristol AS): "Beagle 2 - a Personal Reflection and a Look Forward"

May 17

Annual General Meeting and Summer 2012 preview

June 21

Summer Social Evening at The Barn Owl, Torquay


2010 September 16

Hedley Robinson Memorial Lecture by Dr Haley Gomez of Cardiff University:
"Dust in Space" 
(Dr Gomez is currently working on data from the Herschel Space Telescope) 
Please Note: This meeting will be in the "Business and Enterprise" suite. For directions go to the library from where you will be directed by a TAS member

October 7

Observational evening

October 21

Simon Harding (Torbay AS): "Historic Comets" 
Note: this is our first ever meeting in the Manor House! - see directions above

November 4

Observational evening

November 18

Douglas Rice of Tiverton AS: "Art and Astronomy"

December 1

Quiz vs North Devon AS (in Barnstaple!)

December 2

Observational evening

December 16

The TAS book auction!
Your chance to bid for some of the many books from the TAS library that have been purchased, donated or otherwise collected over the years!
See the book listing (a Word doc file) and 'extras' (a .pdf file) for more details

2011 January 6

Observational evening following up the BBC 
"Stargazing LIVE" programmes (Jan 3rd, 4th and 5th on BBC2 at 8pm)

January 20

Mini-lectures: (Jim Horwell: "Cyclical Changes in the Earth's motion and its effect on climate", Dennis Humphreys: "Variable Stars", Adele Beale: "Colours")

February 3

Observational evening

February 17

Damian Peach (well-known astronomer and astro-photographer): "High Resolution Astrophotography"

March 3

Observational evening

March 17

David Love: "The Origin of the Universe" 
Articles used by Dave included :- "The Free Lunch That Made Our Universe""What Happened Before the Big Bang" and "The WMAP Universe"

April 7

Observational evening

April 28

Chairman's Annual Address: "Extrasolar Planets"

May 19

Annual General Meeting and Summer 2011 preview 
see Minutes of 2010 AGM


2009 September 17

Dave Norman: Current and upcoming space missions, and Simon Harding: Forthcoming astronomical events

October 1

Observational evening

October 15

Will Gater (of the Sky at Night Magazine): "The Cosmic Keyhole" - an explanation of how astronomy is unlocking the secrets of the Universe

November 12

Observational evening

November 19

SteveDuncan: "Measuring Earth's Orbit"

December 3

Observational evening

December 10

Quiz Night vs North Devon Astronomical Society

2010 January 7

Observational evening

January 21

Mini-lectures (titles to be posted)

February 4

Observational evening

February 25

Jon Coleman: "The British Space Programme"

March 4

Observational evening

March 18

Observational evening

March 25

Professor George Simnett: "Explosive Events on the Sun and their Effects on the Earth"

April 22

Chairman's Annual Address

May 20

Annual General Meeting (and Summer 2010 preview)

June 24

Summer Social Evening at the Church House Inn, Marldon


2008 September 18

Dave Norman: A look ahead to some upcoming space missions

October 2

Observational evening

October 16

Steve Duncan: "Earth CARE"

November 6

Observational evening

November 20

Dr Paul Roche of Cardiff University: "Las Cumbres Observatory Global Robotic Astronomy Network"

December 4

Observational evening

December 11

Mini-lectures (by Jim Horwell and others!)

2009 January 8

Observational evening

January 22

David Love: "A Brief History of Astronomy"

February 5

Observational evening

February 26

Nick O'Donnell of Somerset AS: "Here be Monsters!"

March 5

Observational evening

March 19

John Hedley-Robinson memorial lecture: 
Professor Mark Sims of the University of Leicester Space Research Centre

" Is there or has there been life on Mars?"

April 2

Observational evening

April 23

Chairman's Annual Address

May 21

Annual General Meeting (and Summer 2009 preview)

June 25

Summer Social Evening at the Church House Inn, Marldon


2007 September 20

Grahame Veale and Dave Norman:
Summer 2007 review and a look ahead to coming events this year

October 4

Observational evening

October 18

Mark Hunter of Spirent: GPS satellite navigation

November 1

Observational evening

November 15

Mini-lectures by society members: "The life and works of Charles Messier" by Dennis Humphreys and "The new telescope controller" by Steve Duncan

November 29

Observational evening

December 13

Annual Quiz

2008 January 10

Observational evening

January 24

Chris Lintott (BBC Sky At Night): "The Galaxy Zoo project"

February 7

Observational evening

February 28

Andy Norton (Open University): Exoplanets

March 6

Observational evening

March 20

Will Gater (contributor to Astronomy Now): "Not just pretty pictures" - the science behind Hubble's greatest images

April 3

Observational evening

April 24

Grahame Veale - Chairman's Annual Address: "Blowing in the (Solar) Wind"

May 15

Annual General Meeting (and Summer 2008 preview)

June 26

Summer Social Evening Coombe Cellars, Coombe in Teignhead (TQ12 4RT)


2006 September 21

Kieron McGrath of SCS Astro Wellington: "Telescopes and Gadgets"
- Astronomical instruments that are available now on an amateur budget

October 19

Mini-lectures: Ralph Bell: "Meteorology" and Dave Norman: : "Probing the System"

November 21 at Torquay Boys' Grammar School

Dr David Southwood (Director of Science, European Space Agency): "Europe in Space"

December 14

Jeff Jones (TAS): "Λ-CDM Model of Cosmology"

2007 January 18

John Brimble (South Somerset AS): "The Outer Limits"

February 15

Steve Duncan: : "50 Years of Rocket Science"

March 15

J Hedley Robinson Memorial Lecture
Dr Robert Massey of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich :
"The Royal Observatory: Past, Present and Future"

April 19

Chairman's Address: "SuperStars!"

May 17

Annual General Meeting (+ Summer 2007 preview)


2005 September 22

Dave NormanChris Proctor and other committee members: Summer 2005 review, Mars Opposition

October 20

Mini-lectures: "(titles tbd)"

November 17

Dr David Ramsden (Southampton University): "Gamma Ray Objects"

December 15

Mini-lectures: "(titles tbd)"

2006 January 19

Annual Quiz vs Exeter Astronomical Society ... (Exeter won this year - well done!)

February 16

John Stapleton (Basingstoke AS): "Planetary Nebulae"

March 16

Dave Norman: Chairman's Address: "Mars3D!"

April 20

Professor John Brown (Astronomer Royal for Scotland): "Black Holes and White Rabbits"

May 18

Annual General Meeting (+ Summer 2006 preview)


2004 September 16

Dave Norman and Chris Proctor: "Transit to Titan"

October 21

Chris Proctor: "The Moon"

November 18

Sarah Burton (Exeter University): "Astrobiology"

December 16

Tim Moffatt: "My Observatory"

2005 January 20

Jim "Our Sun",Dajana: "Stellar Evolution",Dave: "SOHO 2004"

February 17

Steve Duncan: "Tricks of the Light"

March 17

John Hedley Robinson Memorial Lecture:
Professor Tim Naylor: "The Formation of the Solar System"

April 21

Chairman's Address: Dave Norman: "A Celestial Odyssey"

May 19

Annual General Meeting (+ Summer 2005 preview)


2003 Sep 18

Society members, guests and visitors
"Open Forum"

Oct 16

Dr Chris Baddiley

Nov 20


Dec 18

Quiz vs Exeter AS

Jan 22

Dave Norman and Dr Chris Proctor
"SOHO in 2003!"

Feb 19

Stephen Parkinson

Mar 18

Dr Chris Proctor "Antarctica!"
and Dave Norman "Celestia"

Apr 15

Chairman's Address by Dave Norman

May 20

Dr Andrew Coates
"The Cassini/Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan"

May 27

Annual General Meeting (+Mars Express)
NOTE: at TBGS, not Town Hall!!!


2002 September 19

The committee and members of the society

"We are the TAS!"

October 17

John Hedley Robinson Memorial Lecture
by Dr John Mason

"Destination Mars!"

November 21

(members of the society)

(mini-lectures: titles TBD)

December 19


TAS Christmas Quiz

2003 January 23

Steve Duncan

"433rd Rock From The Sun"

February 20

Patrick McGuire, Chris Proctor and Dave Norman

(PM:) "Astronomy Distance Learning", (DN/CP:) The latest observatory images

March 20

Dave Norman

Chairman's Address: "The Dark Side of the Universe"

April 17

Dr Andy Norton (Open University)

"Outbursts, Orbits and Oscillations"

May 15


Annual General Meeting


2000 September 21

Dr. Andy Norton (Open University) and/or Steve Duncan Ph.D

"Gamma-ray Bursters"

October 19

Kieran McGrath

Telescope buying advice

November 16

Chris Proctor Ph.D, Michael Morley, Alan Horner


December 21


Social/Fun Evening

2001 January 18

Ian Walsh and Dave Norman

"The Lost Worlds of 2001"

February 22

John Stapleton

"Mapping the Moon"

March 15

Neil Bone

J H R Memorial Lecture - "Aurorae"

April 19

Dave Norman B.Tech

Chairman's Address

May 17


Annual General Meeting


1999 September 16th

Dave Norman and Chris Proctor Ph.D

"There Goes the Sun!"

October 21

Howard Donaldson & Joyce Hedges (E.A.S)

"American Observatories"

November 18

Geoff White (Westland School)

"The Universe at Large"

December 16


Annual Quiz with Exeter A.S.

2000 January 20

Dave NormanAlex Tarr (and others!)

"Third Millenium Astronomy"

February 17

Steve Duncan Ph.D

"Orbital Mechanics"

March 16

Dr. Andy Norton (Open University)

"Gamma-ray Bursters"

April 20

Grahame Veale B.Sc

Chairman's Address

May 18


Annual General Meeting

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