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DEXTER WRIGHT from Soul Train fame is ready to take the world by storm fresh off his new deal with Dip Set West the new singles Magic City and The Reel Thing have taken off like wild fire.  


Almost 15,000 downloads in 1 week Dexter and his dancers are about to blow the roof off with his live show plus a hit record to boot.


Born in the US but raised in Germany, multi-talented started out dancing at 14 years of age with top level break dancers like RERUN and the Electric Boogaloo dancers on various TV shows and concerts.  He also performed with a number of locking and popping crews In California and worldwide.


These gigs help pave the way for Dexter as he went on to performing with his own hip hop act "Top Secret " as a lead singer. This act opened for such talent as Tony Toni Tone,  Johnny Kemp,  New Kids on the Block,  Soul Sonic Force,  Will to Power, Information Society,  Young MC,  Stacy Q,  WAR,  Vanessa Williams and The Jackson kids 3T.


Many people recognize Dexter Wright when he's in public from the fame street dancing has brought him on a variety of television shows tours,  concerts and music videos.  He proved his dancing capabilities with a 5 year stint on the hit TV show Soul Train.  Yes he was one of the Soul Trains dancers!  Dexter has had the good fortune to open shows for "A list" talent such as Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean,  Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera,  Mya,  Gangstarr,  Busta Rhymes,  Cypress Hill,  Dino,  Public Enemy,  Stacy Q,  Issac Hayes, Rampage and Canibus.  He has also appeared on the television shows Entertainment Tonight,  Jerry Lewis Telethons,  Dance Fever and the Mercury Dance Show (which he also co-hosted). His movie resume includes "Waiting to Exhale," with Whitney Houston and "Bodies rest & Motion" with Bridget Fonda.


Dexter is poised to take on the next adventure of an already exciting musical, dancing, hosting and performing career! Get ready to see more of DEXTER WRIGHT!




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