TOP 10 Resume Writing Services

It’s important to know about the most popular job application writing services on the Internet before making a decision. To help people do this, we have taken an objective standpoint and rated them based on things like company age and the level of service offered.

With unemployment rates high, the job market is more competitive than ever. This means you need to do everything possible to make yourself stand out from the competition. One way to do this is with a well written resume that really sells your skills and abilities to potential employers. And for many people, this means finding a certified, professional resume writing service.Top Resume Writing Service Reviews has done the work of finding and analyzing the top online resume writing services so you don't have to. Our resume writing reviews enable you to easily compare the best resume writing services.

We’ve also added some unique commentary from a professional application writer, who has since retired. This writer had free reign to say what he wanted about each service. We believe saying exactly what we think, no matter how harsh, can potentially save people hundreds of dollars on not going with a subpar service.

How Did We Decide on Whom to Rate?

With thousands of professional resume writers working online, we faced the difficult task of compiling a list of companies to look at. We didn’t discriminate on size. We know of perfectly good writers who work alone, as well small to large firms who aren’t worth your time. And we also know some companies which merely outsource the work to writers on their books.

We also broke our list down according to which audience the company targets. Some work exclusively for local clients, whereas others offer an international service. It seemed silly to give a negative review of a company which was never designed to offer the same type of service as a large corporation.

We wanted to choose people who worked primarily online and had a reasonable track history. Our main point of reference was Google because we know this is how most customers discover their essay writers. It only made sense to think and act in the way people searching for these services would.

Main Criteria

  • We chose a selection of companies aiming for bulk work. In other words, the most popular online writing services which could complete hundreds of resumes each week. It soon taught us traffic is no indication of proficiency.
  • Range of services. We went with the companies which offered what most job seekers are looking for, such as cover letters and various resume formats.
  • Longevity. We didn’t see any point in reviewing a company which didn’t have a long track record. For all we knew, the company could have disappeared before we completed the review.
  • Better Business Bureau scores played a big part in our decisions. We felt these scores are trusted and serve as the perfect objective ranking. It’s also a simple metric to rank different sites and businesses with.

The Expert

To accurately determine the value of what each company offered, we brought in the help of Richard John Carter. David is a retired resume writer. He went through all the marketing literature, the samples, and the information given on the websites. We’ve provided you with both thumbnail reviews and in-depth reviews of each website.

Hopefully, this will help you make the right buying decision in future.

Why You Should Use Professional Resume Writing Services?

Have you ever felt completely lost in front of a blank paper that is supposed to be your resume? Many of us have. And now think of all those successive people, company CEO’s, famous journalists, or financial brokers. What do they have in common that has made them get there? They all presented themselves in a right way and got the job. So, why not give the professionals this super-important task to the experts? A good resume writing service may seem a bit expensive, but compare this price to your future salary that will come way closer if you save time and get a crafted resume in your hands.

Best resume writing services nowadays have become essential because possessing an eye-catching resume is a chief element in obtaining a job you wished for. The cover letters, CV's and the resumes plays the important role as they give the introduction to the employer about the personality of the candidate, getting a potential job means presenting a resume the impacts great impression on the employer. Thus, getting success in the hunt for desired job all depends on having a well crafted resume. May be you are looking for part time or full time jobs, whether you are looking for jobs right after completing graduation from the institute or you only looking for new job, it matters not because you can find the desire job through the resume which is written by a skilled writer who have expertise in providing resume writing services.

What Can A Professional Resume Writer Offer

The main purpose of professional resume writing services is to make the hr manager notice you. Your resume is usually the only connection between you and your dream job. Thus, it is a good idea to make it stand out.

So, what can you wait from resume writing service? To put it short, editing, writing, and other services.

If you have a resume that is a bit out of date, you can order resume editing. But in case you do so, be sure that it is not too old and contains all the essential information. In such case, you’ll be given an editor, who will organize all the information in a right way, make it look clear and clean, add the missing details, etc.

Remember that you can always talk to your writer, at least it is so at our site. Our resume editing service works this way.

If you are new to the world of job seeking, it is probably better to go for the writing option. It happens this way: you order CV writing services, then talk to your resume helper to make it clear. You have your own working features and preferences. CV writing should take that into account.

Now you must be pondering why do you call for the assistance of such firm? These firms are not what most people think like they are only a document writing or proofreading firms. In reality they are more than that, a skilled writer gathers all your data past experience, academic background, qualities and weakness, and molds it into the figure of a best resume. Usually people see them only finding a job help who list the education and the experience of the person on a white paper which is not half true. So as to make the resume fairly effective in front of the employer, it doesn't only need to be written perfectly or appealing to eye but also the resume must displays the good qualities and abilities of the candidate efficiently.

How To Make Writing A Cover Letter Your Strong Side

A cover letter should show you’re a person the job offerer needs, while CV has to show a professional. So one of the main purposes of the cover letter is explain certain points that are excluded from the resume due to its specific style. Tell about your main skills, but do not forget to cover the core employment history points, as well.

If you decide to take a cover letter to the professional level and order one, keep in mind these tips:

  • Know the purpose. Setting the right goal is half of the job so be as explicit as possible in terms of how you’re going to use the letter.
  • Find the right tone. Your professional cover letter writer will not over compliment you or concentrate on your hobbies and extracurricular activities too much. You are a person, but you have to look professional first of all.
  • Short description. Successful companies review tons of letters so make sure it fits in one page. You’ll tell the details in the interview.

Writing a cover letter is never too easy, so deciding to order it from a professional can turn to be a good move.

Smart resume help

A resume gotten from a professional resume service is supposed to be good-looking, easily readable and pleasant to look at. If you need a more stylish layout, it’s okay to ask your writer for that. Remember though, that if you’re looking for a job in military, or strive for a lawyer’s career, too many colors or too fancy font can spoil the impression.

No matter if you hired the best professional resume writer it is still a good idea to show your resume to a friend for extra proofreading.

Does it seem really easy to you? Certainly it is not as it seems. Suppose you are an employer of a big company and there is a legal file that must be composed and the future of the business counts on it, even though you may posses a little know-how of it but would you try without concerning your lawyer? Same is the case here; the resume is the primary footstep of your career so if you want to ruin that first step so be it however if you desire to impress the employer then you need to utilize the skills of best professional resume writing services. 

Time to pursue your desired post! It may not be cheap, but if the writer is an expert, it’s worth it. Pro’ resume help will make your expectations come true faster.