Incense With Intent











Incense with Intent

Amber Nights = love, comfort, happiness

Ambrosia = abundance, prosperity

Anais Anais = attraction, romance

Cherry Vanilla = find romance, purifying, cleanse your space

Cinnamon Vanilla = powerful spiritual magic, female sexual stimulant

Coco-Mango = prosperity, protection

Coconut = beauty

Honeysuckle = brings money, psychic powers

Jasmine Nights = ease tension, stop jealousy & suspicion

Jasmine Dragon’s Blood = strong spiritual love, protection, use for ritual work

Laura's Hill = fairy magic, nature

Lavender Peppermint Sage = uplift your spirit, psychic awareness, purification (carry in vehicle while driving for alertness)

Lavender Rose = purification, love, connection to the heart

Magnolia = elevate spirit, antidepressant

Mint-Green Tea = psychic healing, mental healing, purification, may be used to smudge your surroundings

Nag Champa = help achieve calm meditative state, soothing

Opium = opening hidden worlds, promotes dreams, banish grief & anger, healing

Orange Blossom = attract a man

Orange Vanilla = manipulate love

Patchouli = passion, clairvoyance, earthly treasures

Patchouli-Green Tea = healing relationships, physical healing

Poison = remove negativity and poisons from your environment, use for banishing

Rose = romantic love

Rosemary = improve memory, physical healing, connect to past lives

Rock Champa = power

Sage = wisdom, all types of healing, longevity

Sandalwood = protection, spiritual healing, spirituality

Thyme = banish nightmares, gain courage, attract fairies

Vanilla-Hazelnut = prosperity spells, abundance, fertility

Vetivert = relieves depression, exhaustion, and insomnia

Wolf Spirit = protection, connect with nature




Mind Body Spirit



All packs include 1 dozen sticks. Each pack is $3.00 each.

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All incense are hand dipped, dried and blessed in a magic circle..

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