Video Lectures of Virtual University of Pakistan

posted 5 Feb 2014, 03:28 by Naveed Ahmed

Virtual University of Pakistan has its own world-class recorded lectures in bilingual presentation of English and Urdu, which makes it easy to understand for the students of Urdu and English. The lectures are freely available on Youtube, VU Open Courseware and can be accessed from within the LMS of the students (which is an online database profile of each student). These lectures are available for different subjects of Business Administration, Psychology, Mass Communication, Computer Sciences, Commerce and some other fields. The lectures are the best alternative for a class-room learning experience if one cannot go through his or her studies at regular institutes. Moreover, the courses are of various kinds, you can study a degree program, a diploma or a certification at Virtual University. It is both cost effective and convenient for job holders and people with busy schedules as you can adjust the timings of your study according to your own choice.

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