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TOP Online English  offers   Intensive English  Language  courses    for    those individuals who wish to learn English over internet as a Second Language for  their  educational, personal, business  and professional needs.

Our goal at TOP is to provide our students with professional language training online.We believe learning the English Language can be fun and exciting as well as challenging and rewarding. Learn English online with TOP and experience what many other students have  come to  discover.  TOP   Online English is like nothing else you have ever tried, offering live online English conversation in real time with a fully qualified TOP tutor.

Teaching Method                                 

Learn English Online Over Skype + virtual white board or over the Telephone.

By learning English online with TOP  your English will improve dramatically. TOP helps you to learn English online by featuring the following benefits:

* Learn English online any time of the day or night
* Flexible to Fit Your Schedule
* No Traveling Required
* Internet connection, Skype and a headset is all you Need!

TOP can give you an excellent alternative to traditional English language learning that is not only better but also more efficient in terms of cost, flexibility and learning methods.

 * Fully Personalized and Customized Content
 * One-on-One Learning Environment to help you learn English
 * Highly Competitive Online English Tutoring Rates
 * Developed Specifically for the Corporate and Individual Student

 Who can join the program                   

People from all nationalities and all age groups are welcome to join our online English learning program.
The only thing we require from you is the commitment and enthusiasm for learning English language.  

For Online learning, information and questions
Call us on +33 (6) 7 999 22 03
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English for lawyers

Tailored Legal English courses are available for lawyers practising in English as a second language. Tailored Legal English courses are ideal for in-house counsel and lawyers who are required to communicate and draft on an international level using precise legal language.


A Legal English course will provide you with:

- More confidence explaining points of law under your national jurisdiction

- More effective and accomplished representation for your organisation

- Greater awareness of how to correct your own use of legal English

- Enhanced editing and drafting skills

- Improved presentation and negotiation skills when using legal English.


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