TopMod is a freely available topological mesh modeler. Dr. Vinod Srinivasan was the lead designer, architect an developer. The project was initially conceived by Dr. Ergun Akleman and Dr. Jianer Chen. Several students from the Department of Visualization and the Department of Computer Science at Texas A&M University have contributed to TopMod over the years. Key contributors include Dave Morris, Stuart Tett, Ozgur Gonen, Esan Mandal, Eric Landreneau, and Michael Stanley. TopMod has served as the foundation for multiple M.S. and Ph.D. research topics.

TopMod provides a unique modeling paradigm that allows users to quickly and easily create unique models that are complex yet aesthetically pleasing. It can be easily integrated into any modeling pipeline and models created with TopMod can also be printed using a 3D printer. The TopMod website has had more than 144,000 visits from over 170 countries since August 2007. More than 78,000 copies of TopMod have been downloaded in the same time period. TopMod is used by artists, designers, modelers, animators, and educators, among others. Work created with TopMod has been exhibited at the SIGGRAPH art exhibit and has been featured on the cover of magazines and conference proceedings. Most recently, a building based on a model created by Prof. Matias del Campo in TopMod won the competition for the Austrian Pavilion at the Expo Shangai 2010.

The two videos below contain a sample of work created using TopMod. The first of these showcases selected TopMod-based student work from the Computer Aided Sculpting course taught by Dr. Ergun Akleman at Texas A&M University. The second video contains a selection of still images contributed to the TopMod image gallery by users from all around the world.