Stator Pro2

The Stator Pro2
Uniting Four Forces In Tandem

        Four years ago work began on a radical new design in stator construction. The challenge was to build a stator that would make magnet motor possible by creating forward motion that's greater than its counter reaction/drag, and do this in the most forward way possible. A new generation of stators that provides an extremely powerful argument to what's possible.
  1. The New Stator Pro2 is designed to mimic a hypothetical mono-pole magnet. This is the backbone and the hallmark of the Stator Pro2, creating far more acceleration then there is deceleration from reverse drag; an epic achievement in the evolution of stators.
  2. The Stator Pro2 incorporates a magnetic runway plate in its design face. The special angle of the stator's magnetic runway plate is paramount in relationship to the performance of the rotor magnets, further reducing reverse-drag from the last rotor magnet leaving the Stator Pro2. (Think of each rotor magnet as an airplane, and as each plane reaches the end of the stator's magnetic runway plate, just like an airplane, each rotor magnet pulls up and away from the end of the run way. This greatly reduces back-drag even further.
  3. Inertia: There are 6 world-class n42 neodymium armature magnets that gang up on just 1 world-class n42 neodymium stator magnet. The 6 to 1 ratio creates more inertia than the single stator magnet can cancel out. This sets up your third imbalance in the system.
  4. Just as the last rotor magnet is about to pass across the stator, the lead rotor magnet is suddenly pulled/sucked into the next awaiting stator which in turn, pulls the last armature magnet through the previous stator with a force that is far greater than any opposite force. This sets up yet a greater imbalance in the system.

        The Stator Pro2 offsets the equilibrium in the system by leaps and bounds, thus overcoming any equal and opposite reaction that Newton's 3rd law refers to, in that, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". That law is no longer 100% true.

Making History
On An Epic Scale
     Hi, my names is James Roney. When I envisioned the kind of stator required to make a magnet motor possible, the construction concept was something entirely different, something radically different. A new generation of stators that provides an extremely powerful argument to what's possible.

     The new Stator Pro2 muscles the rotor arm with the greatest of ease and greater force, that's virtually absent of counter drag and 100% free of any sticky spots.

     Traditionally, electric motors have relied on electricity to utilize stators within the motor to run. Now with the development of a new error in stator technology that now leverages the power of magnetism to achieve the same goal, now paves the way to self-running magnetic generators.
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