My Strengths

     As outlined in the About Me section, my strengths are in electrical science and mechanical reasoning. However my lifetime research is electrical sciences and how the electrical property of all matter governs the universe. That life without the electron would not exist as we know life today; if at all.

     Understanding that our entire universe is truly electrical in nature opens up all kinds of amazing doorways to how our solar system ticks. Like how to create ball lightning, (not plasma balls) treading Earth's gravity, bio-crystals for deep space communication, to exploring a kind of virtual memory that exists in all cells, plants and minerals, including water itself, cell to cell communication; the possibilities are endless. There is nothing that you can't thank the electron for when it comes to how it makes our universe what it is today.

The Mighty Acorn
The Mighty Acorn

     The mighty acorn is a perfect example of memory. Yes, you read that right; memory. This acorn has all of the information required to grow into a mighty oak tree stored in the acorn's electrical properties.

     If you slice open the acorn with a very sharp knife, you will not find a tree inside. Rather the acorn holds all the required information to turn into a mighty oak tree.

     The human sperm cell is another marvel of mother nature at work. Under an electron microscope the human eye will not find anything that resembles the human body inside of the sperm cells, yet the instructions to build the entire human body and all of its complexities is stored in the sperm.

     Now take this one step further; deadly viruses also have memory in them that houses a set of instructions making it deadly or otherwise. What if you could simply erase these instructions rather than using drugs?

     Another one of my specialties is the illusive makeup of gravity itself. Though I make no claims to fully understand gravity, there are a few things that I do know about gravity that most, including so called experts on gravity may have overlooked that goes along ways in understanding what gravity is.

     If I may, I would like to ask you a two part question, and if you would please, I would like you to leave your answer below. At some point I will reveal the answer to my question if no one gets the answer first.

     First, what does gravity and static electricity have in common?
     Secondly, what unique advantage does static electricity have over gravity?

     Note:To answer the second question, you need to know the answer to the first question. However, you might be able to work this question backwards to arrive at the answer to question one. The answer to question one is just fourteen words; and sixteen words for part two.