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(Q) What if you had magnets all the way around the rim would the wheel continually go?
(A) No. Rather four stators are used all the way around, placed at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock position. As the lead magnet is pulled into each stator, the last magnet is suddenly pulled out of the previous stator. This process simply repeats itself.

(Q) How is it that your stator overcomes the sticky spot?
(A) The stator mimics a hypothetical monopole magnet resulting in greater acceleration then there is deceleration.

(Q) What's the other critical part you talk about in getting your stator to work?
(A) The angle of each stator in relationship to each rotor magnet is nearly 90 degrees is required to utilize the magnetic runway plate on the face of each stator.

(Q) How do the gaps between the rotor magnets affect speed?
(A) Tighter spacing between rotor magnets results in greater speed.