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My Fan Mail, 2013-14

Positive Feedback From Our YouTube Fans
Are Saying From Around The World!


From: JulesRulesOK
Hi James, I've replicated your project with good results. I faced my wheel magnets North and discovered the South gaps between the magnets were contributing to stator impediment. I reduced this friction by shielding the gaps between the magnets. I don't intend to show this on YouTube as your wheel will suffice to show all those concerned that your idea works. I agree with you that to get any meaningful power from this project means you have to have a large number of wheels, then wire them up in series to get any torque. Good luck with your advanced project in the new year.

From: Gadget mall
James. You are the first to prove magnet energy exist when you alter the poles uneven. Congratulations from another true energy researcher and admirer.

From: Motionmagnetics

"Thanks James! As always, I love what you are doing. You make a really good point in this video, that I wholeheartedly agree with. I was reminded of how years ago it was impossible, based on the known laws of physics, for a man to fly. Once this was proven wrong, physicists adjusted their understanding, and used the law of lift to explain it."

"You've just demonstrated a similar principle, relating to magnetics. I wonder which law they will use to explain this later. The law of momentum perhaps?"

From: Konichi Wawa1

Well, of all the "free energy" "government conspiracy blocking technology videos" this is the only video I have seen that seems to be a clear demonstration of physics at work that seem to imply a path to at least cleaner energy if not true "free" energy. Very interesting!

From: Dib Dibbler
Hello, I have been messing around with magnets for a while and this channel is amazing thank you.

From: Garret Johnson
This is going to be the future of generators. I LOVE the work you've done and you sir are changing the industry of renewable resources simply by using your stator. Keep it up and follow your dream!

From: Capn Schep
Excellent job, You R definitely on the right track, the law of thermal dynamics DO NOT APPLY HERE...!!

From: Rich Williams
Hi James, I think you have it. I don't know what the others are crying about. Great job and keep up your awesome work. We need more people like you.

From: Frederick Symington
WOW! I have never seen so much effort into perpetual motion, and have it pay off. Your induction "ski slop" as you call it, is nothing short of Genius! Was it math, guess work, experimentation, a combination of all, or just plain luck? This looks like a something that the concept comes to an inventor at about 2am. The spacing of the magnets on the rotor. I'm charmed. I would love to see what's in your black box. I have a really good idea of what it may be, but what the hell do I know.

Rich Williams' Response to: Frederick Symington
Hi Fred, I am very impressed by James's work as well. I am wondering if James built another one of his stators but with the opposite pole of the magnet and placed it directly after the first stator, having the "ski slope" the opposite way.

Frederick Symington Response to: Rich Williams'
Do you mean like an "opposite" stator so that one works on attraction, and the other on repulsion?
Rich Williams' Response to: Frederick Symington
Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

From: Joey Scazzola
Really great. Very exciting work. You have a winner. I have toyed with magnets for years and tried to design something similar, you are on it with the slope, that is the key. Nice score.

From: Jon Jacoby
Imagine if you had precision machined magnetic parts and the resources of the US Army at your disposal.

From: minddisturb
Looking a science like this for so many years, and other channels just keep lying. This is great sir, I will try this method. Absolutely fantastic!     

 From: Michael FallenTree Watts

Since I started getting into free energy a few years ago I have seen a Magnet Revolution. I too have tried many experiments and failed more than I cared to think about.

You my friend are a hero to us all.

From: Mussie302

Hello James

Well done. Your work is quite inspirational, to myself and countless others. Those who just rubbish your research are not worth wasting breath on. They will never achieve anything as their minds are closed shut.

I am shocked to read of your troubles on YouTube. It sounds like all this happened a while back, as I only just chanced upon your channel. Anyway, you should just know that we are not all nay-sayers, and your videos will have sparked lots of good research from thousands of people, myself now included from this point on.

Best regards