Two Camps

About Free Magnetic Energy

Hello and Welcome Free Energy Seeker,

    First, there is no such thing as free energy. No matter how we slice it or dice it, there is always cost involved one way or the other. Rather the term, "Free Energy" was coined back in the 70s by the wind and solar industry as a means to promote alternative energy. Since then the term, "Free Magnetic Energy" has come into the market place.

    Most people are unaware that some 90% of the world gets it's electricity from extremely powerful magnets being spun inside of a coil of magnet wire; with wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal being the last 10%.

    Free Magnetic Energy Implies Two Things.
    (1) That you no longer have a monthly electric bill, but you still have the operation and maintenance cost of the magnetic generator which is negligible.

    (2) The electric generator is "self-running", in that it does not require any external source of energy to operate, like gasoline, propane or solar.

    Anyone with half a mind would naturally ask, how is a self-running motor/generator even possible, and if so, than how could it possibly power itself?

    There Are Two Camps.

    The first camp involves routing back some or most of the electricity that the generator produces to run it self. Simply said, you plug the generator into itself because the generator supposedly generates more electricity then what's required to run it; this is called over-unity. The Bedini and Newman motors are examples of such technology, that uses back EMF to make them run. However these two models have yet to start powering homes, let alone electric cars.

     Then there is the second camp where the motor runs solely on magnets; thus the term, "magnet motor" which does not require EMF to make the motor run. And unlike the first camp, a magnet motor offers brute mechanical force that's converted to electrical power by spinning a secondary set of magnets within a coil of magnet wire to generate electricity.

     At first, a magnet motor sounds like a no-brainer, right? However we need to understand that such a task requires breaking Newton's third law of motion which states, "For every action there an equal and opposite reaction". However, the James Roney Stator defies this third law by creating an imbalance between the otherwise, "equal and opposite force".

    For a stator to break Newton's third law requires that a stator overcomes the infamous, "sticky spot" which has always been the stumbling block to paving the way for magnet motors. Without a viable means to overcome Newton's third law, magnet motors would not be possible; thus, end of story.

     So before you get scammed by someone claiming that they have proven plans for a top magnetic generator, understand that those plans must show you a proven way to overcome Newton's third law of motion.

     Those who know their physics absolutely believe that it's impossible to violate Newton's third law of motion. However it's those same people who said it's impossible for man to fly. It's those same people who cannot explain how starships tread Earth's gravity with the greatest of ease using today's current laws of physics. Since their is at least one hole in our  law of physics, then why not two?

      If you're one of those stead fast skeptics, I ask of you to please shelve your current working knowledge of physics long enough to hear me out.

From The Author!

     Hi, this is James Roney of James Roney Stators as seen on YouTube. Unlike YouTube which is not the best place to lay things out in writing, my research and discoveries found here are 100% open source right here on Google for the whole world to judge. Since this discovery is bigger than you and I put together, it needs to be shared with the world, this way the information does not follow me to my grave.

     With well over a half million references to my research found on the web now, and twenty-two thousand more explaining exactly how my one way magnetic stator works, my work along with my findings will survive me long after I have moved on from this mortal, but incredibly world.

     Over the last three years I have literally received hundreds of encouraging letters from various walks of life telling me of the extreme importance my research is to the world as a whole. A handful of those letters have been from various scientist and engineers around the world congratulating me for my breakthrough in magnet motor research and stator technology, some of which have since replicated my work with absolute success.  

     So, pleaseee share my work with others far and wide as I implore you to do so. This way my research lives on for others to take my work to entirely new levels. All I ask in return is to give me credit where credit is due, nothing more. I do not seek fame or fortune, but like most of us, I live pay check to pay check, and thus it would be nice if someone might consider hiring and or investing in me to pursue further research and development. To learn more about me and other interesting research, simply visit my, About Me page.

     I would like to share with you what I has become the wholly grail in overcoming the infamous, "sticky-spot" which clears the way to building top magnetic motors. And before you dismiss my work as utter nonsense, the proof is in the pudding. Simply try the James Roney Stator and see for yourself that my stator truly overcomes the sticky spot that has eluded inventors and scientists alike since the dawn of the practical magnetism.

     Simply said, no one credible is telling the public exactly how
this might actually work. But I can.
No one that I know of even sells a self powered generator, and those who are talking are usually scammers selling you bad information that amounts to nothing more than theory.

     Scammers who hide behind "indemnification clauses" letting you know that they are not liable for the information the scammers are selling you  snake oil. Ask yourself this, if their plans actually work, why then why in the heck do they need to hind behind an indemnification clause? ...because it's a scam.

     Scammers typically protect themselves with indemnification clauses that say they are selling someone else's research, and they are not liable for bad, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information. What a bunch of crap!

     Worse yet, my own research reveals that most scammers build dozens, even hundreds of self serving, cheaply made websites under false names, all designed to give you false testimony as to how wonderful their plans are. These same individual(s) setup hundreds of YouTube channels using other people's names and faces posting the same stolen videos literally tens of thousands of times over a period of a few years! These are easy to spot if you dig around a little. Scammers can rake in millions in just a few short years, so it's no wonder why it's so hard to dig up the real truth is as to what's going on in regards to Free Magnetic Energy Research and Development. But I digress...

    With that said, what is the real skinny on self-running electric generators? As best as I can tell, there is no one out there who has commercially marketed self-running electric generators. Not yet anyway. If so, please contact me here and I'll post the info here should I find that info credible.

     So for now, you can buy plans from scammers that are based upon theory or let me show you EXACTLY how to make a magnet motor.

     The secret to my success is through my custom made stator design that allows the armature magnets to overcome the infamous, "sticky spot" that has stopped thousands of scientist and inventors alike dead in their tracks since the 1800s. For the first time ever, I will actually show you how to overcome the sticky spot, which now opens the doors of tomorrow, today in building a true self running, top magnetic generator.