Business TOPIK

The business (B)-TOPIK exam is structured in a similar way to S-TOPIK.  There are two papers.  Paper 1 covers vocabulary and grammar and writing, whereas paper 2 covers listening and reading.

All of the questions are multiple choice (there's no essay).  Each of the four sections above carries a maximum mark of 100 and the marks from each section are added up to give a mark out of 400.  There are no passing or failing scores.  The equivalency of grades are as follows:

  • 38%-54% = 1st level in S-TOPIK
  • 54%-70% = 2nd level in S-TOPIK
  • 70%-85% = 3rd level in S-TOPIK
  • Over 85% = 4th level in S-TOPIK

Here's the first installment of B-TOPIK vocabulary:

1)           안내 = information

2)           안전 = safety

3)           착용하다 = to wear

4)           시원하다 = to be cool

5)           공장= factory

6)           휴가= holiday

7)           방학= school vacation

8)           시끄럽다= to be noisy

9)           종일  = all day

10)       돕다 = to help

11)       새로운= new

12)       초대하다= to invite

13)       작업량= amount of work done

14)       직원= staff

15)       늘어나다= to increase

16)       급여= pay

17)       어른= adult

18)       어린이= child

19)       맞은편= opposite side

20)       정류장= bus stop

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