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Continuing on, and more than ever before I'm onto basic attempts as the city from the "social layer"; the "city of man". On the vision of the much sought after reality of 'social space'.

That work is mostly based on my work together in Liverpool, London and Oxfordshire in the 70s, for social and therapeutic communities, networks, and circles. And later with other human centered initiatives.

After studying architecture & building engineering in Delft, Netherlands,  I followed the specialization urbanism There I took the initiative to a learn-work project: an inter-university workgroup for the Tunis region. Co-initiator Jo Ritzen and myself developed a first version method of "plan dynamics", as a way of '"place making".

We missed the direct impuls of life itself in the conventional planning proces; which uses a static image as means and goal. Therefore, we thought the conceived cities too static and therefore dead. Our pioneered relationships and dynamics in planning processes in this first phase were based on systems theory (ie quantitative models with variable input and output).

Christine Gruwez





kaarten (plaatsen + ontwikkelings relaties > operationeel spel)

HI > Inhabitat/Heleopolis neighbourhood development and design

games; = > 'FIELDS and INFLUENCES'; Bobby Fischer; PROPENSITIES (Fred Goodman <-> REDHab; *linten en 'velden'

 werkstijl  > ,,,,,,

intentionality; 'good faith'! > goede bedoelingen nakomen....

*Dyn Oo!

'keeping it in the black (hole or) box OR: 'OUT OF THE BOX' (game)

+social phenomenology, or: 'let us meet'

=moeites *bang voor sukses? > afremmen of doorduwen angst of wijsheid?

*waarom hebben de NL RSI?

=aegis straling  aegis: helm!


*50k kabel scherm

*overstroming, sabotage & criminaliteit

*lay prof co-op

 B E E L D E N:

'OUT OF THE BOX' harken > open plan...  wisselbeeld: bekende spelstukken; Asterix, Obelisk; schaakstukken; smurfen; kuifje; kapt. Haddock; M. Toonder: Bommel; Tom Poes;

k e n g e t a l l e n

energiegebruik  internet

sociogenese van de stedebouw

ecological foot and hands, heart, and head print

k a a r t e n  grondgebruikskaart (Wim Stolte?)



Terug in Nederland toen, probeerde mijn 'plandynamica missie' te vertalen in een stad- en land verbindend proef-project: de oudste hoeve in Vught. Dat in de opstandingstijd midden 80.

Die grote hoeven werden echter in de diepte van 'de' afgrond op Paasnacht in brand gestoken. Vanuit mijn training in de sociale fenomenologie zie ik, doorheen een aantal van zulke incidenten, nu en dan en tenslotte vrijwel voortdurend, een nieuw perspectief opdoemen.


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