How to Make a Paper Airplane

Origami Airplanes

We've all played ever make paper airplanes competitions to see who was getting to his fly farther. If you want to win all nothing better than learning to make models that slide through the air in comfort, something to teach you the following practical videotutoriales contests. And it is that one of the keys for a plane to fly high and far is create a good aerodynamic shape, something that people around the world have already done. We have selected the best of them, the most aerodynamic, and present them to learn to do.
How to make apaper airplanes

As we know that in addition to airplanes operated well also want beautiful figures that draw attention, we have prepared origami airplanes so spectacular models as a fighter aircraft F-14, a model reaction, classic aircraft, models of war super sports and many more. Everything for your aircraft to become the kings of the air. So do not hesitate, grab your special origami paper to make figures and let your hands create the best paper airplanes all aerospace engineering. And if you still want to see more to create new models in section paper airplanes you will find many more. Cheer up, soaring through the sky no one will beat you.

Papiroflexia aircraft

Here factsheet to make folding a paper airplane step by step. A craft that will delight young and old Momes! To all drivers: all our aircraft are flown both indoors and outdoors and the challenges presented by friends, loops, dives and other aerobatic practice but also competition distance and duration. In this book, discover everything you need to know about drag, lift and other technical terms as well as different arts of folding. 16 models including: Le Comte, the rocket Saturn, the Flying Saucer; the airplane world record. Not to mention: games to practice solo or with friends, drivers alphabet, the color poster of an airport, a presentation of civil aircraft or the most common military, a logbook, the pilot license aircraft and many more.

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For they are many airplanes in "the world of origami," we decided to divide them into three main categories, which are presented below. Click on the link of each category to see the features and aircraft models included

How to make paper airplanes