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GEEKIT is a phrase I use on my website that means get into it, whatever it may be. Find tons of topics that you can get involved in on my website. Just browse this main page to find your favorite topic or find a new one!

    Hey all you geeks out there! This website is dedicatied to you! It has everything geeky about our world(and others). Just sit back and find a topic you want to read up on then site back and GEEKIT! 

    I'm always looking for new topics to write up on but I want to do it on stuff people like. So I created a poll where people can vote on their favorite topic. The only diffrence on this poll is that you have to have a passcode. Guess what it is in the site. Just look for the word or phrase that stands out. Good luck!

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The Magickers

    Are you a Harry Potter Fan? then this is the series for you. Packed with exciting adventure, The magickers is sure to capture your imagination a attention. Filled with magickal crystals, wolfjackles, dragon, and Gates, it is an amazing series. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

     "A fun and involving tale of oungsters introduced to the dangerous and exciting world of magic." --Locus


Harry Potter

    J. K. Rowling's amazing series has brought thousands of fans together in unision. Enjoing the magical series is an experience in and of itself. Each book brings new adventures to reader everywhere. Find links to the best Harry Potter sites on my page for Harry Potter!



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