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You'll notice that I'm a big fan of fantasy, with a bit of scifi thrown in. I also prefer authors who are very candid, even to the point of obscenity. I'm not including ratings, but if you're easily offended you shouldn't be here. Do not expect completely perfect grammar from every one of these, but do expect high quality (I'd estimate that one out of every 50 or 60 fics I read go up here). 

I'm putting a HET warning on anything NOT FOCUSED on lesbians (none of them have actual het sex except the published books).

As a general guide, the average reading time of these fics is probably about 2-3 hrs (shortie means it's maybe a 10 min read, short stories are probably about 30 min, and long denotes maybe 4-6 hrs) 

Alternative Universe fandom-specific original fiction

Waiting for Dani Willow/Tara; low-magic medieval setting; I don't want to ruin the way JustSkipIt builds this spectacular story by giving you a summary

The Lamb Willow/Tara; long, well-written novella about a hospital nurse and her new charge; moderate-magic setting

Van Rosenberg Willow/Tara; long, delightful but occasionally heavy fic about a museum curator; set in 1897's Britain with a bit of magic thrown in

Leave it to Giles Willow/Tara; set in Victorian England, really amazing dialogue and a very, very stolen premise, but adorable nonetheless. Warning: right now it's a bit messy on the KB, they just updated, but I'll chip in to clean this one up

Influence Santana/Brittany; this long fic should probably be called "Under the Influence," since it's basically about a lesbian pill-popper. Since the writer really fleshed out the story (and it's between two inconsequential Glee characters), AND the entire thrust of the fic has been completely thrown off by the writers of Glee, I say this qualifies as AU. 

Dragon Age II fHawke/Isabela 

My Tornado fluid & vividly imagined short story, but don't read if you're a total nit-pick on grammar

When All That Remains max angst shortie! great take on the characters though

Buffy the Vampire Slayer  Willow/Tara fics

Queen of Hearts UNFINISHED; sweet re-imagining of Season 4; very hot & brilliant, with a new spin on Tara's character

Unexpected Consequences NOVEL: this is a 12+ hr commitment

Other / Not available online 

Something Most Odd Elphaba/Galinda in the bookverse of Wicked; truly beautiful short story portrayal of what we all knew was going on behind the scenes; dilaogue is stilted but that's made up for by pure literary talent; secondary recommendation Cracks by the same author, which is less romantic but has real sex

Image of You Hermione/Ginny slash; 
Harry Potter setting;
 max angst; very romantic & surprisingly believable for all that

HET  Worth Star Wars short story; no sex; brilliantly written, pretty heavy; focuses on one Jedi Knight during the Mandalorian Wars

HET  A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin: UNFINISHED; the first of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series of novels; richly detailed, thoughtfully constructed, sensitive to characters & with a brilliant thing that resembles a plot; there are gays & lesbians) 

  The Ladies of Mandrigyn by Barbara Hambly: first of a trilogy by hands-down my favorite fiction author; low magic, high obscenity, down, dirty, and bloody

HET  Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver: standalone; 1950s Democratic Republic of the Congo; heavy & heartwrenching, but absolutely a need-to-read


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins: ever wonder what the fuck the corporations have been doing with all our money? uhhh... screwing over the rest of the world, particularly the global South

Collapse by Jared Diamond: everybody's got an idea of what "sustainable" means to them; the question is, will our collective commitment to this vague concept save us? okay, that was a bit sensationalist, but... kinda scarily true. note: this book is DENSE

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