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The new iPhone 5 is so smart and energy efficient that as you lift it to your ears to accept a call, it automatically turns off the display to save power and to avoid unintentional dialing.The best part is that you won’t need to register or have a username or password to access the iPhone Video Calling services. Just find your friends on the Contacts menu, and tap the FaceTime button. Simple, isn’t it? You can even transfer to video calling from voice calls without dropping the line. The service is perfectly seamless and so futuristic that.






There are some hot features and maybe some cold angles to the IPAD, but we’re pretty sure of one thing, the IPAD Release Date is going to torment us down to the countdown. iPad models you won’t be able to interact with websites containing Flash elements. This can greatly restrict your browsing capabilities, especially if you are fan of flash animations, games and software.The IPAD Release Date makes our hearts race and skin sweat a lot. Why? Innovative user experience, sleek design and functions approaching any netbook out there.


iTunes is still selling copies of music just like Tower Records did back in the day. However, the real revolution will occur if and when major artists feel they no longer need the middleman and can sell direct to the consumer. At that juncture, Apple may have to take a major step back to rethink the way it does business. And in a completely wireless world, this could become a reality sooner then we think.

Iphone 3G

The iPhone 3G has the third and latest generation of mobile phone technology and assisted GPS, which by their powers combined will keep everyone connected and happy.

iPhone Cases

There is deferent kind of cases silicon leather and alloys .


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