Ease of Use / Navigation:             5/5
Turnaround Time:                         4/5
Features:                                    4/5
Ease of Registration:                    5/5
Technical Support:                       4/5
Value for Money:                          5/5

Overall Customers’ Rating:        4.5/5

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TRW25 has been in business for 8 years now. They have been providing professional resumes and consulting services to many different clients such as IT professionals, bankers, those in retail, sales, marketing, engineering, medical and more. Resume Writing Service also maintains a relationship with their clients through different means including yearly resume updates, help with interviews, referrals and job searches.

Services Offered

There are different services provided besides resume writing. They include the following:
  • Resume writing
  • Resume editing
  • Resume distribution
  • CV writing
  • Screening of candidate profiles
  • Development of LinkedIn profiles
  • Cover letters
  • Follow up letters
  • Interview coaching
  • Job searching
  • Help with reference verification


Although the following prices might be a little expensive, it is worth it to get a professional written resume so you can land that perfect job. Here are the prices for the different services:
  1. Resume Writing – $119.95
  2. Resume Editing – $79.95
  3. Resume Distribution – $59.95
  4. Resume Verification – $79.95
  5. First Resume Pack – $99.99
  6. Job Searching Assistance – $49.95 per month
  7. Interview Coaching – $69.95
  8. Cover Letters and Follow up Letters – $39.95
  9. Screening of Candidate Profiles – $59.95
  10. Development of LinkedIn Profiles – $129.99


There are different discounts for different types of customers. If you are a first time buyer, you can receive a 20% discount on any service you order as long as you use the discount code NEWJOB when ordering. If you are a returning customer, you can receive a 5 % discount when ordering two different services, a 7% discount when ordering three different services and a 10% discount when ordering four different services or more. You don’t need a discount code because the discount will be applied automatically when ordering these services.

How to Order

It is fairly easy to order services from Here is how:
  1. Include your personal information such as name and email address
  2. Fill out your order information which includes the turn-around time you expect as well as the level of service you need.
  3. Choose the services you want.
  4. Choose additional services if you want them.
  5. Decide if you want all inclusive packages which will cost extra.
  6. Upload any files you want to send to them.
  7. Choose your preferred writer.

Additional Services and Free Features

They also provide extra features for free. These include interview tips, a list of international recruiting agencies, a list of 10 best job sites and help with career planning, all for free.

Customer Support

There are a few different ways to contact customer support if you need help with something. You can chat live on their website, email them at, send them a message through their online contact form on their website or call them at their toll free phone number which is 1-866-511-0763.