OVERVIEW is a small-time resume writing service that has been around since 2009 and has never really grown in any significant way although they advertise themselves as ‘one of the largest, professional resume services available online’. They seem to have a hard time promoting themselves, which may have something to do with how they price their services, and may also have something to do with how they market their services. 

If you go to the prices page on the website, you will see their quoting tool. It gives you a quote in real time, which you may adjust as you toggle the items and options within the order page including the additional extras. Extras include things such as job search assistance, cover letter writing, interview coaching and so forth. The price you pay depends entirely upon what you want. For example, if you want an entry-level resume with a five-day deadline, then it will cost you around $83. If you require a professional CV because you are going for a higher-level job, then it will cost closer to $145. Packages of services bundled together are better value that the individual services. For example, the Advanced Plus package costs $199.96 for a resume, cover letter, follow up letter and LinkedIn profile. 

The stand out additional feature of is the non-product pages. There are 10 pages of tips ranging from basic advice on how to construct your own resume to how to make a follow up call to a company after submitting a resume. There are some particularly helpful tips to first time jobseekers such as how to complete the work experience section when you have none. The resume-writing company has a 100% money back guarantee for if you are not satisfied. They only hire professional writers, and they guarantee that your product will be delivered on time. 

Your resume, letter, profile update, etc., will be delivered to your email address. It is delivered to the same email address that you used to sign up with at You can see samples of their work on their sample page, but they do not give much away because they look rather old fashioned and the text seems a little dated. Despite the fact that the samples look old, it is the content that you are really interested in, and the service does an okay job. As you can see by their prices page, you may have your resume written within 24 hours, or you may wait as long as five days so that you may enjoy their longer-deadline prices, (which are cheaper). 

You may contact the customer service department via their phone number at the top of the home page with agents available 24/7. There is also an email address that you may use. Email customer support is rather good because you usually get a reply within 24 hours, which is handy if you do not fancy making a phone call. 

Their website is starting to look out of date and it has a few bugs because it has not had a major overhaul to deal with rendering on newer web browsers and newer devices. For example, on a day we visited, there were blank spaces in the price boxes on the Executive Level Resume page. The website is starting to look cheap because it looks so out of date, which doesn't help the image of the company it represents. The live chat function that pops up out of the bottom right corner is very annoying. It arrives with a loud ping, which is startling if you have your volume on loud. What we did like however, is that you can click directly on the category of resume you require, meaning you can bypass any unrelated pages. 

The website is the online ambassador for this company and currently it is doing a very poor job. The website looks very outdated, which may lead some people to believe that the website has been abandoned. It certainly suggests that the company is not doing very well because it cannot afford to update its website to something that looks more modern. The service that actually provides is not bad, but their prices are a little high when you consider that their work seems to lack style and doesn't rise above average.