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Ease of Use / Navigation:             5/5
Turnaround Time:                         5/5
Features:                                    5/5
Ease of Registration:                    5/5
Technical Support:                       4/5
Value for Money:                          5/5

Overall Customers’ Rating:        5/5

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According to The Washington Post, The Winchester Star, and The LA Times, is the best online resume-writing and editing service. We placed it at number one in our review table because of their highly-qualified writing staff and their overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.

Their writers’ experience guarantees that your resume will be polished and logically structured to make the most important information stand out. Basically, your resume or CV will be crafted to match your potential employer’s expectations as closely as possible. We especially liked that guarantees free revisions within 30 days if you suddenly decide to change any aspect of your document. There is also an interesting option to revise your resume if you’re not invited to an interview after 30 days of job hunting with their custom-crafted documents.

Services Offered:

  • Resume Writing – This entails the writer going over the customer’s information and structuring the resume according to one or more of the needed styles. The most popular styles are reverse-chronological and functional.
  • Resume Editing – With this option, the writer will correct your spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes as well as your resume’s format.
  • CV Writing – A CV is a more extensive resume form. It can be longer than 2 pages whereas the traditional resume is limited to a one or two-page concise summary. In Europe, the CV is often more preferable to an employer than a resume. In the US, however, a CV is more commonly used when applying for a position in academia or research.
  • CV Editing – This service involves a trained CV writer correcting any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes.
  • Cover Letter Writing – A cover letter is a personal introduction that accompanies a resume. It adds a personal touch to your resume.
  • Resume/CV Review – This offered service is where you send your finished resume or CV to a writer who will give you professional feedback and suggestions on what can be improved in your document.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Distribution To Employment Agencies – An extremely attractive feature of is that they distribute your resume to over 500 well-known employment agencies in 700 cities across the US.
  • Thank-You & Follow-up Letters – Follow-up letters are sent to your potential employers after your resume or CV has been submitted and an interview has been conducted.
  • KSAs – KSA stands for knowledge, skills and abilities. Therefore, a KSA statement describes your unique set of qualities that are needed to fill a particular position.

Pricing & Discount Packages

  • Resume Writing - $89.95
  • Resume Editing$64.95
  • CV Writing$129.95
  • CV Editing$104.95
  • Cover Letter Writing$39.95
  • Resume/CV Review$14.95


  • Resume + CV Writing$197.95
  • Resume + Cover Letter Writing$103.95
  • CV + Cover Letter Writing$135.95
  • Resume + Cover Letter + Thank-you/Follow-up Letters$134.95
  • CV + Cover Letter + Thank-you/Follow-up Letters$164.95

Ordering Process

The ordering process in just 3 easy steps:
  1. Filling in the order form
  2. Attaching the document with your information
  3. Receiving the resume

Additional Services and Free Features gives you some additional information that may help you in acquiring a new job, such as interview tips, a list of the 10 best job sites, and list of international recruiting agencies. They also guarantee you a free revision within a one-month period.


There are several ways to contact support:
  • Online Chat
  • E-mail:
  • Phones:1-888-449-2690 (US toll-free) / 1-703- 763-2764 (US) / 44-203-051-3430 (UK)