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The fashion business is no cakewalk. For a male model to gain the respect of designers, photographers, editors, and casting directors is no small feat; and when a man is not only respected but also revered, he becomes a legend in his own right. The industry icons are models who have built stellar careers, they've snagged every cover, walked every show, booked every campaign, and lived to tell the tale. Before you can be a true supermodel, you have to become one of the industry's preferred stars and these men are all bonafide favorites. 

Luomo Vogue's top 25 male models ever

The 25 men chosen brought experience and is some cases continue to bring professionalism to every job and never failed to elevate the image into the realm of art. These are the true model's models and their endless stream of power bookings reflected that. These are L'Uomo Vogue's top 25 male models of all time.

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NUMBER 25: Brian Buzzini                                                                                                                        
Albert Watson Vogue top 25 male model ever         
NUMBER 24: Tyson Ballou
Tyson Ballou Vogue magazines top 25 male models ever
Number 23: Tony Ward
Tony Ward, Vogue Magazine's top 25 male models ever
Number 22: Walter Schupfer
Walter Schupfer, Vogue Magazine's top 25 male models ever
Number 21: Tom Hintnaus
Tom Hintnaus Vogue's top 25 male models ever
NUMBER 20: Hoyt Richards


HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches

PERSONAL: Hoyt Richards (born 1962) is an American model and actor . John began modeling at age 21. Now at 46 he's still modeling represented by Storm Models. 

Richards, a scholar-athlete, went to Princeton University where he graduated in 1985 with a BA in Economics and played varsity football. At that stage, he had no plans to be a male model. His focus was on football and work on academics. But a shoulder injury lead him to New York to see a specialist. On that trip, he was told his football playing days were over but he was spotted by a casting director. Eventually, his trips to New York for auditions lead to him a meeting with the Ford Model Agency.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Richards became one of the biggest names in modeling in the late 1980s and 1990s. He is viewed by many in the industry as being the first male supermodel . He appeared in hundreds of advertising campaigns and was photographed by Bruce Weber , Richard Avedon , Helmut Newton , Steven Meisel , Horst , and Albert Watson . His campaigns include Gianni Versace , Valentino , Gianfranco Ferré , Ralph Lauren , Burberry , Dunhill , Cartier , and Donna Karan .

Thus began his career as a male model. Hoyt's heyday modeling career lasted fifteen years with over 200 major ads and hundreds of commercials. However, Richards is the oldest longest lasting model of the elite 25. Stamina and determination have led this ruggedly handsome model to withstand 3 generations and counting.

VOGUE: "This list would be incomplete without Hoyt Richards. As a scholar athlete at Princeton he is not only bright but beautiful. He has appeared in over 25 different issues of GQ and made the male model movement "hip."


NUMBER 19: Antonio Sabato Jr.


HEIGHT: 6 ft 3 inches

PERSONAL: Antonio Sabàto, Jr. (born February 29, 1972) is an American actor and male model . Born in Italy and raised in the U.S., Sabàto first became known as a Calvin Klein model and for his role on the soap opera General Hospital . He continued appearing in films and television series throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Sabàto first became known as a Calvin Klein model and for his role on the soap opera General Hospital . He continued appearing in films and television series throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

  • First big break was landing a part in Janet Jackson's 1990 "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" music video.
  • Received three Soap Opera Digest Award nominations during his tenure on General Hospital, including one for Outstanding Male Newcomer (1993) and two for Hottest Male Star (1993, 1994).
  • Played Amanda Woodward's abusive ex-husband Jack during a six-episode stint on Melrose Place in 1995.
  • Hired as an underwear model for Calvin Klein in 1996.
  • Published the exercise book No Excuses: Workout for Life in 1999.
  • Has the Batman logo tattooed on lower back.
  • Antonio Sabato Jr. Relationships:
  • Antonio Sabato Sr. - Father
  • Yvonne Kabouchy - Mother
  • Alicia Tully Jensen - Ex-wife
  • Virginia Madsen - Ex-significant Other
  • Mina Bree Sabato - Daughter
  • Jack Antonio Sabato - Son
  • Kristin Rossetti - Ex-significant Other
  • George Kabouchy - Stepfather
VOGUE: "Sabato's smile and dimples are "legendary." We will never forget his innocence as he appeared with Janet Jackson in 1990. Just an 18 year old kid with all the maturity of a man. His smile and charm began his adventure on becoming Calvin Klein's next superstar."

NUMBER 18: Vincent Gallo


HEIGHT: 5 ft 10 inches

PERSONAL: Vincent Gallo (born April 11, 1961) is an American Model, film actor , director , producer , screenwriter , singer-songwriter , and painter . Gallo was born in Buffalo, New York , the son of Janet, a hair-dresser, and Vincenzo Vito Gallo, also a hairdresser and professional gambler. Both of his parents emigrated from Sicily , Italy .

Gallo lived in New York City 1978-2002 and traveled around most of Europe living briefly in Paris and Rome. Gallo's first creative project was as a member of the New York City-based post-punk band GRAY whose members included famed artist Jean-Michel Basquiat .

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Gallo has modeled, most notably for Calvin Klein , and been photographed by Richard Avedon . Avedon who is considered the top 5 fashion photographers of all time felt Gallo had the most "unique and striking looking" of anyone he had ever met. Gallo's pic with Avendon are still legendary as he excudes and becomes whatever he feels and it shows through his pics. He could have been another Tony Ward but his desire to pursue other avenues changed that.

VOGUE: "Vincent first began painting, then racing motorcycles, and finally became an actor. Although he has had minor roles in mainstream films such as Goodfellas , he is most associated with independent movies , including Buffalo '66 , which he wrote, directed, and did the music for and starred in; The Brown Bunny ."

"The writers here at Vogue feel his look is extraordinary with maybe the strongest sex appeal on this list. It seems whatever Mr. Gallo desires he seems to get. Talented with a short fuse, he does move us no matter what he is doing."

NUMBER 17: Ted McGinley


HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches

PERSONAL: Ted McGinley Born in Newport Beach, California , McGinley attended University of Southern California on a water polo scholarship where he played for the U.S. Junior National team, and was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. McGinley is married to actress Gigi Rice with whom he has two children.[3] One of his children is son Beau born in 1994.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: McGinley began his career in modeling. After a casting director spotted a picture of him in GQ , he was cast in comedy series Happy Days as Roger Phillips (nephew of the Cunninghams), a role he played from 1980-1984.

During the run of Happy Days, he landed a role in the 1982 comedy Young Doctors in Love . After Happy Days ended in 1984, McGinley appeared in Revenge of the Nerds where he played Stanley Gable, the head of the jock-run Alpha Beta fraternity and the primary antagonist of the Lambda Lambda Lambda nerd fraternity; he reprised the role in the third and fourth movies in the "Nerds" franchise, both produced for television.

He went on to appear in regular roles in television series including The Love Boat and Dynasty . He then went into the role of Jefferson D'Arcy on Married... with Children from 1991-1997.

VOGUE: "Had it not been for a director spotting him in GQ magazine, who knows what would have become of Ted McGinley. He is still considered in his time as the "most beautiful man in show business," and a male super model."

NUMBER 16: Lars Burmeister


HEIGHT: 6 ft 1 inches

PERSONAL: Lars Burmeister , born April 26, 1981. Prior to modeling, Burmeister worked part-time as a mechanic. He never had given modeling a thought, but his sister was convinced otherwise. She took several photos and sent them to a modeling agency in Hamburg, Mega Models. The agency showed a lot of interest and arranged him to travel to Milan.

His first modeling jobs was mainly through runway works in Milan, Paris and New York, modeling for D&G, Dolce & Gabbana, Frankie Morello, Gianfranco Ferre, Trussardi, Valentino and Versace .

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: His presence and strong looks were felt instantly by fashion observers and especially to photographer Craig McDean, who recruited him in 2004 as the spokes model for Hugo Boss. At the same time, Lars became one of the most desired faces in the print world, appearing in Vogue, GQ, and Cosmopolitan amongst others.

VOGUE: "Burmeister who is best known for his 2005 ad campaigns for Hugo Boss and as the face of Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. He is our favorite German model of all time"


NUMBER 15: Brett Salisbury
Brett Salisbury, ModelsofGQ.com (click picture)AP News Brett Salisbury


HEIGHT: 6 ft 3 inches

PERSONAL: Brett Salisbury was a highly recruited college quarterback and played overseas professionally with the Helsinki Giants. He was a great three sport athlete, football, basketball and baseball and received a full football scholarship to Brigham Young University out of high school (BYU). (An All American defensive back and quarterback in high school). Brett grew up in Escondido, California and is the author of the best selling book The Transform Diet.

MODELING CAREER: After Salisbury's arrival to Helsinki in 1994 to play Quarterback, he was asked to travel to Milan where his career took off. From Armani to Laura Biagiotti he has modeled for the top designers and photographers in the world.

Brett worked as a special bookings model for 5 years and was not asked to go to a single casting call while living in scandinavia. Sallisbury played a rookie lifeguard for the summer of 1997 on Baywatch and modeled for the Michael Jackson 's smooth criminal Video.

With over 500 print and runway jobs on Salisbury's resume, an interview in the spring of 2002 on modelwatch senior editor Jed Medina titled it, " Brett Salisbury , The tale of a Male Supermodel."

Salisbury retired professionally from modeling in 2002 even though world famous booker Laila Snellman says, Brett was becoming a "national celebrity" as he had just been chosen the country of Finlands sexiest male, then at the peak of his career he unexpectedly decided to move back to the United States, a decision we still regret to this day as he was the most photographed and requested special bookings male model in scandinavian history who filled the room with his humility and charisma."

VOGUE: "Salisbury's biggest criticism: Leaving the modeling world too soon in France, Milan and Scandinavia to pursue a career in football and as a nutritionist in the United States. Salisbury ended up the 15th greatest male model ever but probably finishes in our top 10 if he stays in the business. Salisbury, who comes from very humble beginnings including sleeping on the floor from age 7 to 13 is featured in an E! True Hollywood Story along with his older brother Sean Salisbury ."

"Brett is the only pick of our elite 25 to play professional football and become a male super model at the same time. He is also person on our list to be a member of American Mensa with an astronomical 148 IQ. Mensa International is the oldest and longest running high IQ society.

Salisbury has written 22 books to date. From Aerospace Engineering for Dummies to Quantum Physics for Dummies," Salisbury was recently chosen on the Top 50 Male Model Icons by L'Uomo Vogue.


NUMBER 14: Sean O'Pry 
Sean O'pry picked as a Vogue top 25 male model ever


HEIGHT: 6 ft 0 inches

PERSONAL: Sean O'Pry (born July 5, 1989) His public image is that of an honest kid from Georgia discovered by former America's Next Top Model judge Nolé Marin via his MySpace pics.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: O'Pry is currently the second most successful male model in the world behind Baptiste Giabiconi on models.com list of the Top 50 international male models, as of June 2010. He has held this position for three years, and was previously ranked behind Mathias Lauridsen . In June 2009, he was named the world's most successful male model of 2009 by Forbes publications. Previously, he was named the world's eighth most successful male model of 2008 by the same magazine. He is best known for his pillowed lips and hooded blue eyes.

VOGUE: And yes, if you haven't already heard the story, we agree. It sounds a little too good to be true. So, as much as we love singling out impostors ... there's nothing to expose on clean-cut Mr. O'Pry. He could end up becoming the greatest male model in history."
"Currently at number 14 on our list, that may not be doing him justice. His only drawback is his age. In an industry that's so cut-throat, we look for longevity or extraordinary. He is on his way."

NUMBER 13: Tyson Beckford

NATIONALITY: American/Jamaican

HEIGHT: 6 ft 1 inches

PERSONAL: Tyson Craig Beckford (born December 19, 1970) is an American model and actor , best known as a Ralph Lauren model.

He grew up in Jamaica and Rochester, New York and was involved in gangs, drugs and theft when he was a teenager. In fact, he says, "he'd likely be in jail or dead today if he hadn't been plucked off the street in 1991 by an editor from the hip-hop magazine The Source."

Through that connection (The Source), he hooked up with a New York agency, and within months, Beckford was before the lenses of Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber. It was Weber who first brought the model to Lauren, who nabbed him for the company's sport, fragrance and body lines.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Ralph Lauren hired him in 1993 to represent his Polo Sport line exclusively. It was photographer Bruce Weber who introduced Tyson to Ralph Lauren, who immediately hired him to represent the company's fragrance and body line, 'Sport'.

By 1995, Beckford was on the covers of major magazines, including Paper and Essence and multiple-page spreads in Vogue, GQ, the New York Times and Details.

VOGUE: "He is currently the host on the Bravo program Make Me a Supermodel . Beckford was named "Man of the Year" in 1995 by the cable television music channel VH1 & one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by People magazine. He is represented by Nous Model Management in Los Angeles, California, and Independent Models in London , England. He was ranked at #38 on VH1's 40 Hottest Hotties of the '90s."

"Tyson Beckford from head to toe ranks amongst the best male models to ever live and is the highest paid black male model in the world."

NUMBER 12: Miles O'Keeffe


HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches

PERSONAL: Miles O'Keeffe was born in Ripley , Tennessee . A star football athlete, he attended the United States Air Force Academy and played defensive halfback on the freshman football team in 1972. However, in 1973 he transferred to Mississippi State University under a football scholarship, playing as an offensive lineman . During this time, he bulked up to 240 lb (110 kg). Subsequently, he transferred to University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee and became a small college All-American playing both tight end and linebacker .

After studying political science and psychology , O'Keeffe became a prison counselor in the Tennessee penal system for a year where he became manager of playground activities and inmate weightlifting program. He left for California to play in a semi-professional rugby team, before becoming involved with Hollywood .

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: O'Keeffe broad shoulders, strong arms and legs, developed torso and six pack abs were proportioned to give him a body of exceptional beauty. His poster was a popular item in the 1980s. He was shot by many of the top photographers in the world and appeared in M The Civilized Man and GQ in the early 80's. His Tarzan poster above (Top Right) was the highest selling male poster from 1981-83.

VOGUE: "Although O'Keeffe is known for his big break as Tarzan, he is also remembered for his performances in the title role of the first three Ator sword and sorcery films produced in Europe in the 1980s."

"If you had to imagine what the perfect Tarzan would look like, O'Keeffe's frame and stature would be your first choice. His face next to Bo Derek was the perfect match. In 1981 Miles was the most beautiful man in the world according to People Magazine."

NUMBER 11: Alex Lundqvist


HEIGHT: 6 ft 0 inches

PERSONAL: Alex Lundqvist (born 14 April 1972) is a male Swedish model .

Alex had a Swedish liberal idyllic childhood which came abruptly to an end at eighteen with the obligatory one-year national service in Sweden's army. Transformed into a tank platoon commander, the quiet blue-eyed boy had to shave his head so often that he swore that when he came out, he'd never shave again. From that was born the mischievous arrangement of facial hair that would become his insignia.

After the army, Lundqvist studied computer design and was all set for the advertising world when a girlfriend suggested he should be a model. So, with a chin covered with stubble, he went out to have some test shots taken in 1994.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Lundqvist's modeling career began in the summer of 1994, when he met photographer Bruce Weber and Sean Patterson, a Wilhelmina agent, who tracked him down after spotting his photo in an obscure publication. Immediately, Versace booked him for a worldwide campaign with Helena Christensen shot by Bruce Weber. This led to doing the Lagerfeld campaigns in Milan, Paris and Germany as well as Guess in the US.

He has appeared in magazines such as GQ, Playgirl, Elle, L'Uomo Vogue, Top Model and was interviewed on MTV's "House of Style" with his best friend and fellow model Mark Vanderloo .

He was chosen for the 1995 Guess campaign with Laetitia Casta and Valeria Mazza .

VOGUE: "He is a self-assured Swede, alluring, accomplished and considerate. He's also one of the top male models in the world, remembered for his unforgettable GUESS? advertising images."

"This list would be incomplete without model Alex Lundqvist as he is still considered "the original fab 4." of Male Super Models."

NUMBER 10: Michael Bergin


HEIGHT: 6 ft 1 inches

PERSONAL: Michael Bergin attended the University of Connecticut and is perhaps best known as Mark Wahlberg 's successor in Calvin Klein 's racy series of black and white underwear ads. His 6' 1" frame and washboard abs (widely cited as his professional signature) gained international exposure in print ads and, notably, on a 96' X 70' billboard in New York City's Times Square .

While contracted to Calvin Klein , Michael met the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy , a Calvin Klein publicist, whom he dated seriously. After that relationship fell apart due to career pressures, she went on to marry John F. Kennedy, Jr. , with whom she later perished in a fatal plane crash . In early 2004, Bergin published a book about his relationship with Bessette, The Other Man, claiming that they continued a sexual affair during the time Bessette was dating Kennedy and during their marriage.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Bergin, (born March 18, 1969 in Waterbury, Connecticut ), is considered to have been one of the first males to have achieved supermodel status, previously reserved for women such as Cindy Crawford , Elle Macpherson , Naomi Campbell , and Iman .

In addition to his high-profile role as the "spokesbody" for Calvin Klein, Bergin has walked the runways of New York City, Paris and Milan for Sonia Rykiel , Valentino , Calvin Klein , Gianfranco Ferre, Giorgio Armani , Yves Saint Laurent and Donna Karan and was the exclusive model for Claiborne for Men, a division of Liz Claiborne, Inc. , for over three years. He has also appeared in commercials and print advertisements for Kellogg's , Bacardi Rum , L'Oréal , Maybelline , Coty , Valentino , Perry Ellis , and Liz Claiborne . Bergin is signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City, and New York Model Management .

In 2006, he appeared on VH1 's sci-fi celeb reality show Celebrity Paranormal Project . Recently, Bergin has launched his own brand of men's underwear .

Bergin, who is straight, is popular in the gay community due to his willingness to take on gay roles, to interact with the gay press, and to work with AIDS charities. His willingness to not shy away from the gay community has led a loyal fan base in the gay community and to comparisons with the similar career fearlessness of actors Christopher Meloni , Jude Law , and Antonio Banderas .

VOGUE: "Bergin is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Fitness Trainer and trains people residing in the Los Angeles area." For many of us Bergin had to start the top 10 as the success he had in such a short amount of time. From Starring on Baywatch to the largest billboard at the time ever for male model in NY, Bergin goes down in history as the ten greatest models ever."

NUMBER 9: Rick Dietz


HEIGHT: 6 ft 3 inches

PERSONAL: Rick Dietz an athlete turned model, always loved the limelight. His latest cover that we know of was a 1999 Men's Fitness magazine cover.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Dietz became famous by building Chippendales into a house hold brand. He changed his look and desire to be "model like." In 1995 Herb Ritts shot the world wide campaign for Valentino and labled Dietz a "male supermodel." The Valentino ad which included Christy Turlington is still a Ritts favorite. Dietz not only had an extraordinary facial features his body is as good as any on this list.

VOGUE: "Although Dietz personal life is not well known, he did more for modeling in a 3 year span than any other on this list. From a chippendale to a super model nobody did it faster. Our personal favorite is the Valentino "Men of 4." shown above. It maybe our favorite pic of 4 men of all time. Herb Ritts called it "raw and gritty with class."


NUMBER 8: Robert Konjik


HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches

PERSONAL: Robert Konjic Robert Konjic (pronounced Konich), however, is just happy to be the Gucci boy. It means he doesn't have to work too hard at modelling. He was flown to Milan two weeks ago to do the Gucci show but, ironically, was cancelled at the last minute. Tom Ford wanted "football hooligan" types and Robert was thought "too beautiful", which really makes him laugh. "Two years ago I was fitting engines at a Volvo factory; a year before that I was a cocktail waiter," he says.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Robert Konjic is a Swedish born, Croatian Supermodel with an impeccable reputation within the modelling industry.

Last april, ModelWatch listed him among the 50 hottest male models of all time. Indeed, he belongs to an elite group of successful male models, who has remained in constant demand over 13 years.

Throughout his extraordinary career, Robert has been involved with nearly every fashion house: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Burberry, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Byblos,Nicole Farhi, A/X and Banana Republic.

Aside from being one of the nicest guys around, his longevity and ability after all these years to remain at the top of an ever so competitive business whilst remaining true to himself and continuing to re-invent himself is a testimony to his value as a model and as a person.

Today, he is committed to taking his leap into the acting world and is currently taking classes with well-respected acting coach Jon Campbell.

VOGUE: "Konjic is humble. The "Gucci boy" still cannot believe he gets paid so much money to take off most of his clothes and pose with beautiful women. Some guys just have all the luck. Beautiful and lucky, but still human: when Mario Testino was shooting and asked Konjic to get intimate with the female model, Konjic reveals, "I was thinking, 'Cow, cow, chicken, chicken', anything to put my mind off what was happening. Eventually I had to ask for time out, it was very embarrassing."

"As you can see, The Swedes and Americans dominate the list of the heralded 25. Maybe they are the most beautiful men in the world?"

NUMBER 7: Cameron Alborzian

NATIONALITY: British/Iranian

HEIGHT: 6 ft 3 inches

PERSONAL: Cameron Alborzian , since 2001, Cameron's life has evolved around Yoga for
years in witch since he has endeavoured to serve the natural healing world with powerful healings of Yoga.

  • After attending sports college Cameron was spotted by a modeling scout at a young age and became known as the one of the first male supermodels working for many years with such greats as Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Valentino, Elton John and Madonna , while gracing the pages of almost every popular fashion magazine in the world.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Alborzian has one of the most recognizable male faces ever. From playing Madonna's boy toy in the 1989 video Express Yourself to modeling for hundreds of fashion campaigns, billboards, TV commercials, and covers, this trendsetter spent nearly twenty years in the industry working with the likes of Valentino, Armani, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. Cameron was named model of the year in 1990 and again in 1994.

VOGUE: "No other face in the world like Cameron Alborzian. From the confidence to the presence, it's a shame he is not in our top 5. We may re-think that."

NUMBER 6: Jason Lewis


HEIGHT: 6 ft 1 inches

PERSONAL: Jason Lewis , as a teenager, he was determined to get out and see the world. He had to work hard in order to do so, working for a plumbing contractor, and 55 hours a week as a waiter in a restaurant.

Lewis attended college at San Diego State University in San Diego, California , where he became a member of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Fellow fraternity brothers included Marc Iadanza (son of Tony Danza ) and Jack Gilardi Jr. (son of Annette Funicello .

In June of 1993, when finally he had enough money collected, he went to Paris at the suggestion of a model scout who thought he would do great in the modeling industry. Jason did a little modeling and was soon on his way to Milan, where he was adored by the fashion industry there.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Towards the end of 1993, he landed a GUESS? campaign and his career boosted increasingly. He began landing campaigns with Tommy Hilfiger, Boss (photographed by Richard Avedon ), Byblos, and Ray Ban. He also continued working many major fashion shows in Milan, New York, and Paris. In 1996, Jason was nominated for Male Model of the Year at the VH1 Fashion Music Award s. Besides all the runway shows, he has been featured alone in an 11-page editorial in the February 1996 issue of GQ. He was also one of the stars of NBC TV's "High Sierra Search and Rescue" (1995), a visually stunning seven part series about mountain rescue set in the High Sierras.

Following this early success, he has studied with three private acting coaches for what he hopes will be a future in film. He had done a guest stint on "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990), and was a recent addition to the cast of "Sex and the City" (1998).

Once living in New York as a high profile model, Jason followed an incredible modeling schedule. However, his interest in acting limits his modeling assignments to just fashion editorials and ad campaigns (no longer runways). His loyal fans still remember him in the pages of GQ and Esquire in 2002, and the winter 2002 Gap campaign. He is signed to Wilhelmina Models, Inc. Some of his best friends just happen to be on our list, such as Alex Lundqvist (who was also Jason's roommate), and Mark Vanderloo .

VOGUE: "If Lewis sticks with modeling, he becomes bigger than Vanderloo. Lewis is just too much of a force as he lights up the big screen. We believe Jason Lewis is only beginning. Age will become him making him fly higher than any model listed as his real talent will begin to emerge and he forgets his image/looks. Number 6 on our list, Lewis has intertwined modeling into an acting career second only to Ted Mcginley (number 17 on our list)."

NUMBER 5: Jeff Aquilon


HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches

PERSONAL: Jeff Aquilon was the captain of the water polo team at Pepperdine University when he first met photographer Bruce Weber in 1977. The photo above (bottom right) by Bruce Weber, for SoHo News, NYC, rocketed Aquilon to Super Model Status and fame, as well as Weber himself. The irony is, not many people remember.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Aquilon was one of the few to pioneer the term "Male Super Model" emerging in the early 1980s. He has appeared beside top female models such as Kim Alexis, Gia Carangi, and Patti Hansen. Prior to this emergence male models were often used as props, such as dates, or in the background. However photographers like Bruce Weber started to use the male model as the point of focus. This trend emerged in various ads for designers such as Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis.

VOGUE: "Aquilon for many goes as a forgotten name which is not only sad but true. Not only was he starting a trend to the models of today but was paid thousands instead of the millions that male models can reach over time and in some cases a day depending on the campaign. Of the many models mentioned on this site, most have a wikipedia page. Neither Aquilon or Flinn do - - What an injustice. Aquilon is to the male model world what the world wide web is to the internet."

"Jeff Aquilon maybe a new name for most but he started the revolution for websites like models.com. Without Aquilon mentioned on a website or blog as a top 10 male model ever, you might as well "flip the page" as the word credible is thrown out on that site. Aquilon the male model, an icon we will never forget."

NUMBER 4: Bruce Hulse


HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches

PERSONAL: BRUCE HULSE has worked in modeling for three decades. A Cornell graduate with a degree in Asian studies, he also attended West Chester University, where he focused on graduate-level clinical psychology. A recent judge on Bravo's reality show Manhunt.

The veteran model has penned a steamy memoir recalling his days of tireless bed-hopping with beauties like Paulina Porizkova, Andie MacDowell, Elle Macpherson and Tatjana Patitz.

"I'd been Peter Pan, playing at love, skimming the surface, sleeping around for momentary pleasure," Hulse, now 55 and married with two kids, writes in "Sex, Love and Fashion" out in August from Harmony Books. "My desire to be with beautiful women had always been my weakness."

Although his book is a little over the top in the unforbiden kiss and tell, the truth is the truth and Bruce has always done that.

Legendary photographer Bruce Weber says: "Hulse's tales of high adventure on the rough seas of modelling have always been good yarns for when you're sharing a few beers with your pals and wishing you could be handsome enough to be in front of the camera." "And Hulse was." - Bruce Weber

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Bruce Hulse was once seen on hundreds of high-profile magazine covers (like GQ), and jetted around the world to runways in Paris and photo shoots in Barbados, often alongside the likes of Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, Andie MacDowell, or Paulina Porizkova.

VOGUE: "Hulse worked during the industry's most glamorous and edgy era--the 80s and 90's and makes our top 5 as he is a living legend. His face in his prime is still conidered by many even today as the best in the world."

NUMBER 3: Marcus Schenkenberg


HEIGHT: 6 ft 4 inches

PERSONAL: Marcus Schenkenberg , (born August 4, 1968) is a swedish model of dutch descent. He is born in Solna ( Stockholm County ) and has dual citizenship with Sweden and the Netherlands . Schenkenberg was discovered in 1989, by American photographer Barry King, when he was busy in roller-skating in Venice Beach, California. Schenkenberg rounded his height to under 6'4" to "help his modeling career" as many designers felt that 6'2" is still the ideal heighth to fit the clothes.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: Schenkenberg is acknowledged for his muscular sound proportioned body and in particular because of his "washboard" abdominal muscles. He is considered to have the greatest male model body in history.

  • Schenkenberg is best known for his Calvin Klein advertisements. He has also modeled for Versace , and Iceberg . He was signed to Storm Model Management in London, Wilhelmina Models , Success Models in Paris, France, and D' Management Group in Milan . His present agency is Ford Models in New York City.
  • Like model Tony Ward, Schenkenberg has worked with more photographers in a 9 year period than any model in history. (1991-1999)

VOGUE: Marcus has been modelling for 25 years and is still the highest paid male model per individual job in the world. As one of the top 3 male models chosen, Marcus Schenkenberg is an icon.

NUMBER 2: Michael Flinn


HEIGHT: 6 ft 1 inches

PERSONAL: Michael Flinn currently lives in Newport beach California and was considered "the most beautiful male model in the world" by people magazine in 1989.

Flynn was born and raised in Southern California. After earning his college degree in accounting with a minor in computer science at the University of Southern California, he traveled the globe becoming the top male model in the world. From 1983 to 1994 he was the main image of Hugo Boss, since that time, there has not been any other similiar association between a brand and a male model, that made him the most memorable face in GQ and around the world.

While at The University of Southern California and was featured on "The Men of Troy" calendar that started his career in modeling. After, he was sent to New York to sign with Wilhelmina modeling agency.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: From 1983 to 1989 Flinn's premier agency was Wilhelmina Men (New York). In those times, a model didn't jump around from agency to agency. He was the choice for Boss and Wilhelmina's top male model. "He had class and loyalty, something you don't see today." -Bruce Cooper, Co Founder of Wilhelmina New York.

VOGUE: "In 1989 he permanently joined his family's company. Flinn says "the desire to enter the business was their decision, in 1995, I was able to take full charge of the company as president." Flynn was not only an incredible athlete, but has been the corner stone and incredible father to his three children.

"Flinn's face will forever me remembered as "the face" of Hugo Boss from 1983 to 1994 and the greatest impact on Boss sales as well as having an ad in every GQ from 1983 to 1994. No male model has ever acheived such a status of epic porportions."

NUMBER 1: Mark Vanderloo

NATIONALITY: born in Waddinzveen, Holland (Dutch)

HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches

PERSONAL: Mark Vanderloo at age thirteen he was the hardest-working paperboy in town, running three routes, later on he worked in bars and cafes, and everything he made, he'd spend.

The Got milk campaign is where it all started for the top male model of all time. Landed, by happen stance, a national commercial for Holland's dairy board in the early 1990's. At 22, he entered the University of Amsterdam to study history. Accompanying a model girlfriend one day to a shoot, he found himself modeling for the very first time. The photographer had another assignment he needed to complete, for a milk advertisement and liking the look of the two of them together, he shot them for the ad. Mark just hated the way he looked in the pictures and thought that was the end of a very short modeling career.

  • a local agency liked the pictures and came after him offering him money; after six penniless months at college, he found it an offer impossible to resist. Hungry for a male supermodel, the industry pounced on the broad-shouldered boy. In 1994, he moved to Manhattan, bought a pair of rollerblades and became Calvin Klein's Obsession model. He then began the assault heading to Milan where he would end up being connected to what is now known as the Fab 4, who included good friend Alex Lundqvist.

MALE SUPER MODEL STATUS: In 1996, the "fab 4" became the first men ever to appear on the cover of Marie Claire.

Donna Karan hired Vanderloo that year for a hush-hush spring ad campaign, launching her new men's collection, without Boss or Calvin Klein knowing. It created a bit of stir but was overlooked. While print remains Vanderloo's bread and butter, the model continues to balance a schedule of up to 50 shows per year.

Vanderloo has been the primary model for Hugo Boss ' black and white print ads and billboards since 2005. He has also worked for Calvin Klein , Donna Karan , Armani , Valentino , Trussardi and Guess . Vanderloo is signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City .

VOGUE: "VH1′s Fashion and Music Awards recently named him Male Model of the Year. His career as a bonified male supermodel is unmatched by any male model in history."
"He is the highest paid model in the world landing 3 different campaigns within 12 weeks, including DKNY, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. No other model in U.S. history has accomplished such a task. He is also the highest paid model per campaign ever."
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