10 of my favourite Olympians of the Modern Olympic Games by John Ian Wing

This is a list of my favourite Olympians, although one of them has never won an Olympic event.  I have chosen him because of his sportsmanship and his dedication to sports and the Olympic Movement.  John Landy was my hero during my school days and I could not leave him out.  I have taken the list up to the Torvill and Dean era.  After that era,  sponsorship, training facilities and training methods changed so dramatic, I would need to make up a separate list of great Olympians. 

Links to other sites of interest
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 Jim Thorpe (1)
 Paavo Nurmi (2)
 Jesse Owens (3)
 Emil Zatopek (4)
 Francina Elsje  Blankers-Koen (5)
 John Landy (6)
 Dawn Fraser (7)
 Nadia Comaneci (8)
 Daley Thompson (9)
 Jayne Torvill andChristopher Dean (10)