Differentiate Between Real & Fake Reviews

Majority of the shoppers say that they have benefited from reading top 10 best 4K TV’s – Reviews & Ratings. Many government and private organizations are trying to police the internet but the size of the internet makes it difficult for them. Thus, the customers have to look out for themselves and distinguish between real and fake reviews. Listed below are some tips to differentiate between real and false reviews: 

Abundant use of personal pronouns 

It has been proved through studies that when an individual is lying he/she uses fewer personal pronouns. For example, a son does not say, “Mom, I broke your vase”. When he is guilty for breaking the vase he uses the passive voice and says, “The vase is broken”. Since fake reviewers try to convince users that they have done something which they actually have not done they tend to use more pronouns than needed. 

Over the top descriptions 

When a reviewer describes more than required and uses terms like ‘indisputably the best’ or ‘the best thing that ever happened to me’, one can come to the conclusion that he/she is lying. These reviews are provided by companies when they wish to advertise themselves and increase their sales significantly. Normal unbiased customers would never describe everything only positive about the product. The top 10 best 4K TV’s – Reviews & Ratings provided by customers who have bought these TVs are real reviews.   

Overusing certain terms 

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Certain terms in the reviews lead the potential customers to believe that a product is the best. A real review will have a normal description of the entire experience and not just a fake story. Professionals use certain terms to describe the products, whereas customers do not know the proper terminology for all the features he/she is describing. This shows the difference between real and false reviews. Exact details of the TV set will be lacking or too much information will be provided in reviews used by the company to promote themselves. Check for keywords or words that are repeated frequently as these reviews might be just to promote the website or increase its Google search rankings.