Note: Access to the Members Tab menu items is only available to Club Members who have registered their Google Account details with the Club's Website Administrator.

Members: If the menu items under the Members Tab are not visible it means that you may not be logged into Google with the account registered for you in one of the Club's Google Groups. 

Click on this link: which will take you to the Google Sites web page where you will be asked to log into your Google account (if you are not already logged in)

Once logged into the correct account you should find a link to The Rotary Club of Toowoomba South. 

Clicking on that link opens the site in a new tab. Go to that tab and the menu items under the Members Tab should now be accessible.

Note: The original tab you opened may still be open but you will need to "Refresh" the page for the menu items to become visible.

If you are still having problems please contact the Club's Website Administrator.