Toon Trubble: Card Game About Causing Trubble!


Game designer Alex Strang and Cartoonist Randy Shilling team up to bring you a rollicking whacky time in this fast, furious and folly-filled card game featuring a cast of cartoon crazies making major mayhem in the disastrous Town of Doodleville!

The game includes such classic goofballs as Folly Ferret, Claude Camel and Patrol Mole!

Taunting! Inventing Crazy Traps! Mindless Chasing! It's all here!


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GAME CLOSEUPS (from the ol' prototype)
setting up Doodleville
Reveal Locations
Characters on Homebases
Some Items
Character w/ Card
Character w/ Card (in CRAZY Mode)
Character w/ Items
Character w/ Trap

Three Characters: Who Will Get Framed?