Toomajian Lab

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Main focus
population and evolutionary genetics/genomics, bioinformatics, 
and molecular evolution.

Current interests include:
  • the study of model and non-model fungi and plants, including both natural and domesticated species

  • the natural genetic variation found in different species, the connection this variation has to important traits and adaptation, and the molecular and population-level forces that contribute to the levels and patterns of this variation (i.e. mutation, recombination, genetic drift, demography, and natural selection)

  • the application of high-throughput DNA sequencing technology (Solexa, 454) to questions in population genetics, transcriptomics, comparative genomics, functional genomics and QTL mapping

  • using natural genetic variation for QTL mapping or association mapping of important plant and fungal traits

  • the characterization of natural populations, including quantifying their similarity at the genetic level and identifying divergent genome regions that may contribute to adaptation to the environment

  • patterns of genetic recombination in natural populations, their molecular basis and their effect on genome evolution

  • gene expression variation

Molecular Population Genetics Laboratory
physical location
    4407-4409 Throckmorton

    Department of Plant Pathology
    Kansas State University
    Lab phone: 785-532-0961

mailing address
    4024 Throckmorton
    Manhattan KS 66506-5502

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