Contact Us Form

What It does

This script sends an email to you whenever someone fills out a form.  The difference between this and setting up notifications in the spreadsheet is that it sends you the "message" in the body of the email and you can send it to whatever address you want.  You simply build the form, add the script to the spreadsheet and modify it to email to the email address you want.

Instructions (via

  1. Go to Google Docs (either for a personal account or for Google Apps uses, where is your domain)
  2. Use the Create New drop-down menu then choose Form to make a new form
  3. In the form you need to make three required questions
    1. Name
    2. E-mail Address (so you can get back in touch)
    3. Message (or whatever you want to call it)
  4. For further information on how to create forms see Forms: Creating Forms - Google Docs Help Center
  5. Save your form and return to Google Docs
  6. Once back at Google Docs refresh the document list and open the new spreadsheet created for the form
  7. Once in the spreadsheet use the Tools menu, then Script Gallery...
  8. Find the Contact Us Form Mailer in the Public section of the Script Gallery and use the Install button
  9. When the Authorization Required dialogue box appears use the Authorize button
  10. The script will now show as installed on the list of public scripts, so use the Close button to return to your spreadsheet
  11. Use the Tools menu, then Script Editor...
  12. Enter your e-mail address in between the quotation marks on the var recipient = ""; line, so it should now look something like var recipient =""; and use the Save button (it's a little icon of a floppy disc)
  13. While still in the Script Editor use the Resources menu, then All Your Triggers
  14. In the Current Script's Triggers box use the No triggers set up. Click here to add one now link
  15. From the drop-down boxes make sure that contactUsMailer, From spreadsheet and On form submit are selected and use the Save button.
  16. Close the Script Editor and return to your spreadsheet. While you're there save the spreadsheet and close it.
  17. Go to your Google Site and use the Edit Page button, then the Insert menu and then Spreadsheet form
  18. Choose the form you have created and use the Select button, then choose the display options you want for the form (width, height title, border, etc) and then use the Save button
  19. Use the Save button (top-right corner) to save the page and then you can test your form.

Directions in red were modified from original to fit new menu structure in Google.

The Script

This script can be found in the script gallery by simply searching for Contact Us Form Mailer.



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