Welcome to the Google Apps: 21st Century Toolbox For Teaching & Learning workshop!  My name is Naomi Harm and I will be your facilitator today to share and guide you with the latest Google educational tools to support your Google App initiatives in your k-12 teaching and learning environment.  I am excited to share the latest and greatest Google resources with you to expand your personal and professional productivity and technology literacy proficiency skills as an educator.  We are going to have a great day together!

This hands-on workshop will be supported with Google tools and resources to support your school districts Google Apps educational initiative. These 21st century tools and resources will also support and enrich your classroom teaching and learning environment to engage and motivate ALL students.  Each page contains an overview of an individual Google App and its purposeful educational impact, additional supportive websites and embedded video clips, and PDF tutorials for you to print off to support your learning needs. 

It is all about the Google Apps: http://services.google.com/apps/resources/overviews/welcome/topicWelcome/index.html

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