About Us

I am a lower Fairfield County, CT elementary school teacher with 16 years experience. I have taught Kindergarten and second grade but most of my teaching years have been in first grade. I have a B.A. in Elementary/Special Education and Psychology from Providence College. I have a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Fairfield University.
I began to research baby sign language as I watched my 1st son grow but was too young to communicate with us. I was intrigued by the benefits of baby signing with hearing babies and couldn't wait to become certified (baby sign language specialilst) in order to spread this knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) with other parents who want to be less frustrated, give their child a gift of communication and have a greater bond with their child/children.
I started signing wth my first son at 6 months and since then he has been signing and speaking a great deal to communicate with us! He put together 6 word sentences at 23 months!  He is now 5 and learning the ASL alphabet to help him learn to read! My second son, now 3, signed many signs too and is continuing even after beginning to speak several word sentences as well! It is an absolutely amazing experience for all involved!
I found that it is helpful to continue signing with your children even after they begin to speak-even through preschool. It helps you to distinguish what they are saying. For example, when they make the "buh" sound, which out of many words could they be saying-ball, bear, book? If they continue to sign, they will use that sign while they are speaking and thus...reduce your frustration and guessing time! See Benefits of Signing Page
The past three years I have also included some sign language into my elementary classrooms. I have found it beneficial for many reasons. See Instructional Video Page
     Allison Bouffard