Update and note for 7 March 2017: I am currently migrating to new domains.  For current information, please check the following:

Update 10 April 2018:

New version of the endogenous institutions paper is available here and is now under submission.

Update 14 November 2016:

I have removed the contact information from this page since I recently left academia. 

If you are looking for my paper on endogenous institutions that Ernst Fehr presented recently at the 2016 North American Meeting of the Economic Science Association, you can find the most recent version here
[Thanks to a friend at the conference for letting me know the paper was being presented.]  The draft from exactly 3 years ago today (!) is the most recent version.  I'm still waiting for my coauthor to send me - for the first time - comments, revisions, or an agreement to submit the paper to a journal.