Tony's Student

On this site I (Tony's Student) will be creating pages and generating information on them as my response to the course's Individual Assignment.

As shown below, I can upload attachments to this or any other page. In this case I have uploaded my CV as a PDF document.

Alternatively I could post my CV as a web page elsewhere and put a link to it here. In the case of this link the CV is on a web page elsewhere (my personal web site).

I could also have created a page for my CV on this site and put a link to it. See Subpages below.

Note that Comments can be written below.

Note the usual type of linked page listing for navigation in the first part of the left-hand margin.

Note the opportunity to add text boxes below the navigation box and that these and other parts of the page can be re-arranged in various ways through the "Edit sidebar".

Finally, note the standard list of links that appear at the bottom of every page.

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Tony Dorcey,
Aug 29, 2009, 8:50 AM