A Trailer Hitch for a TR6??

Yes, we went and did it.  We designed a 2" Trailer Hitch to bolt onto a TR6 with either a stock frame our our RATCO frame.  We didn't go with the 2" hitch for the towing capacity, but rather for the large number of aftermarket accessories that are currently available in that size.  The hitch is made of our standard 11ga steel tubing, and can be installed on any TR6 with Dual exhaust.  

We don't expect the Towing capacity of a TR6 to be very great, but some of the accessories could really come in handy.  How about some extra luggage?  We will be designing an exhaust deflector system shortly so that the exhaust doesn't cook the food in your cooler.

Disclaimer!  This trailer hitch is intended for light loads and low tongue weights.  

Do not overload or attempt to pull heavy trailers.

How about a nice flag for your next parade?  Our flag holder is designed to work with readily available 1/2" Electrical conduit, so you can adjust the length to suit your flag, or replace it easily should it get damaged.

Or possibly a bike carrier?

So, how do we know how much weight it can handle.

Meet our test dummy, Mr Wideload.  His 200Lb load does not distort or bend any of the tubing, and the rear suspension does not even sink excessively.  By the way, this car has springs 1" lower than normal.

Ok, so here is a bit more detail about the design and installation.  The Hitch picks up four points on the car, the two rear differential mounting studs, and the two forward Bumper mounting bolts.

The connection points at the forward bumper bolts are designed so that any downward vertical load is shared by the bolt as well as the frame flange.  The RATCO frames can use the trunk cross bar, but the Stock frames were determined to be too weak to carry the load, so a new cross bar is added.

There's also a removable receiver tube for when you are not using the hitch.  With the receiver tube removed, there is no change in the ground clearance, and the tube is about 1" past the edge of the valance and painted black, so it is barely noticeable.

And now with the Receiver tube back on

The receiver tube is just about even with the end of the bumper, and even with the receiver tube mounted, there is no loss of ground clearance.

Here's what the complete kit looks like

Includes all mounting hardware and Powder Coated, Welded Steel assemblies.  $250 plus shipping

Disclaimer!  This trailer hitch is intended for light loads and low tongue weights. 

Do not overload or attempt to pull heavy trailers.