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NEWS FLASH – Spring 2019

  Big changes at RATCO.  Over the last several years our lead time has grown due to a high demand for our products. In an effort to address this issue we have opened a second, larger production facility.  I would also like to announce that Bob Waldeck has joined our team as production manager of the new facility.  Bob comes to us with an extensive Engineering background, and has spent the last year working with me to learn the intricacies of building our products.  I will continue to be involved in development and quality control.  Over the next few months you will see some interesting changes;

 Lead Time

   The new production facility allows us to significantly increase our capacity to meet demand.  Our goal is to keep the leadtime in the 6-8 week range, which will of course be effected by the demand at the time of your order.  Please contact us for current lead times.

 New Designs

   The new production facility will provide me with more time to develop some new products I have been thinking about.  First is a replacement Swing Arm.  This new design will be made of tubular steel rather than aluminum, and should be stronger and lighter than the original.  It will also provide the ability to adjust camber  and toe-in on the rear wheels.  This should be a great product as the originals are becoming more difficult to source.

   We recently completed a re-design of our TR6 frame.  Our original approach was to use 3x3 11ga steel tubing.  We have changed the tubing to 2x3 11ga tubing.  This provides us with several advantages; reduced weight, additional space down the center section for exhaust plumbing, more cost effective, and streamlines the production process reducing lead time.


  RATCO has not changed our prices in many years.  Although we would prefer not to we were forced to increase our prices as of September 1 of this year.  The TR6 redesign has helped minimize the increase, but many of our costs have increased.  As always, we have the best terms in the industry; no deposit required until we start the build, and cancellation at any time.  These terms allow you to lock in your price and delivery with zero risk should you change your mind.