if you find me away from home, please feed my fish!

My current research addresses three aspects of fisheries ecology:  

1. The history and analysis of  the  impacts of fishing on aquatic ecosystems, and how future policy may use this information to foster sustainability and the reconciliation of  biodiversity with human benefits.

2. The development of quantitative, multi-criteria evaluation frameworks and rapid appraisal techniques for assessing the status of fisheries, management instruments and management goals in a scientific, evidence-based and replicable fashion.

3. A predictive understanding of how fish shoaling behavior impacts fisheries. 

My research has taken me throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Latin America.

My Google Scholar profile shows over 16,350 citations, an H-factor of 62 and an i-10 of 210. This is based on a portfolio of over 490 published contributions.

My CV is here