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            A site dedicated to all things about Coles Cranes. A Photographic Database of all the different cranes they made. Well all those we could find photographs of, which number 193 different units at the moment. 

Also a complete history of  the Coles company in downloadable free as PDF books. Other books also available on of individual and vintage crane types including the legendary Colossus 6000.

 Artwork - Understore
            This is the storage files for images of some work Artwork by Tony J Kemp. Consisting of collections of paintings, drawings and other art projects done over the years. Many of these completely forgotten about until a book of colour negatives was found at the back of a wardrobe. These are managed by Isa Lott.

     Tony ask me to digitise some old negatives and among the pictures of views and family was the odd of image of a painting or other art work done at the time. This collection has brought some of these images together.

 A simple history of Science Fiction Film in 12 films.         
    I was sorting out a my collection videos tapes trying to decide which to get rid of.      Stacking the tapes in groups I found I had a small collection of science fiction movies.

I released that these in a small way charted the most significant points in the history and development of science fiction films.

Library - Fiction and None Fiction Book To Download 
    Here are some links to adult books I have written, some History books about cranes, the history of Coles Cranes and some Short Story Books. Here is also the first Full Science Fiction Novel.

Links also given to 
psychics papers that should be of interest to students in this area. 
Most can be downloaded quite freely in PDF format for reading on any computer or device.

Sub Molecular Interface Bonding 
    These papers are about primarily about the sub atomic world, essentially the energy found there. How these particles act and react to form the very glue that holds the physical universe together. This is essentially an explanation of the mechanics of atomic formation, structure and linking.
    How sub atomic particles form strings rings and into atoms. How simple atoms form large atoms and the way atoms bond together into molecules, the foundations of matter. 
From the actions of these sub atomic particles we begin to see how the physical world around us and indeed the whole universe beyond, are held together and interacting continuously.


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