Childrens Early reading site with Fully Illustrated picture books and short 
stories for children. Graded in reading levels from simple shout lines to short light stories. All designed for easy reading on computer screens. 

The Story books can be downloaded and kept for free.

Funny illustrated rhyming poems for young (and old) children to sing and recite.
All these poems are royalty free and can be copied used printed and distributed, scrawled on walls, danced to and generally treated as if they were something to be enjoyed rather than just scary poetry They are interactive and read on the computer screen.
 All the poems are also contained in a series of illustrated books graded in reading levels which can be downloaded and kept for free.                                  
                                   BOOK STOP ! - SHORT STORIES

                                              A collection of humorous short stories designed to 
be read 
                                              on computer screen in short readable chunks.

                                               These stories stories are at level 5 reading

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