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(reverse chronology - last updated May 16 2007)

Jack, A. I., Patel, G. H., Astafiev, S. V., Snyder, A. Z., Akbudak, E., Shulman, G. L., & Corbetta, M. (2007)  "Changing human visual field organization from early visual to extra-occipital cortex"  PLoS ONE 2(5): e452. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000452 LINK

Jack, A. I. (2006) "How well do you know yourself? Book review." Trends in Cognitive Science 10(10): 433-434.  JOURNAL

Jack, A. I., G. L. Shulman, et al. (2006). "Separate modulations of human v1 associated with spatial attention and task structure." Neuron51(1): 135-47. JOURNAL PUBMED

>   COMMENTARY: Cognitive Control Signals in Visual Cortex:          Flashes Meet Spotlights. Andreas Kleinschmidt JOURNAL

Jack, A. I., C. M. Sylvester, et al. (2006). "Losing our brainless minds: How neuroimaging informs cognition." Cortex 42(3):418-421 PDF  related papers

Robbins, P. and A. I. Jack (2006). "The phenomenal stance." Philosophical Studies 127(1): 59-85. PDF

Boyer, P., P. Robbins, et al. (2005). "Varieties of self-systems worth having." Consciousness And Cognition 14(4): 647-660. PDF

Jack, A. I. and P. Robbins (2004). "The illusory triumph of machine over mind: Wegner's eliminativism and the real promise of psychology." Behavioral And Brain Sciences 27(5): 665+. DOC

Roepstorff, A. and A. I. Jack (2004). "Trust or interaction? Editorial introduction." Journal Of Consciousness Studies 11(7-8): V-XXII.

Jack, A. I. and J. J. Prinz (2004). "Searching for a scientific experience." Journal Of Consciousness Studies 11(1): 51-56.

Jack, A. I. and A. Roepstorff (2003). "Why trust the subject?" Journal Of Consciousness Studies 10(9-10): V-XX. PDF

Summerfield, C., A. I. Jack, et al. (2002). "Induced gamma activity is associated with conscious awareness of pattern masked nouns." International Journal Of Psychophysiology 44(2): 93-100. PDF

Gallagher, H. L., A. I. Jack, et al. (2002). "Imaging the intentional stance in a competitive game." Neuroimage 16(3): 814-821. PDF

Jack, A. I. and A. Roepstorff (2002). "Introspection and cognitive brain mapping: from stimulus-response to script-report." Trends In Cognitive Sciences 6(8): 333-339. PDF

Jack, A. I. and A. Roepstorff (2002). "The 'measurement problem' for experience: damaging flaw or intriguing puzzle? Response to Schooler." Trends In Cognitive Sciences 6(9): 372-374. PDF

Jack, A. I. (2001). "Consciousness lost and found: A neuropsychological explanation." Mind & Language 16(1): 101-107. PDF

Jack, A. I. and T. Shallice (2001). "Introspective physicalism as an approach to the science of consciousness." Cognition 79(1-2): 161-196. PDF