Anthony I. Jack - Personal Home Page


Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science, Philosophy & Psychology

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

This is my personal web page. To find out more about
my research, you may want to see my

Lab webpage

Courses I teach 

COGS102: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
(Fall 2007, expected Spring 2009)
This course involves 50% lectures, based on the textbook "The student's guide to Cognitive Neuroscience" by Jamie Ward, and 50% students working in groups, reading and presenting original journal articles to the rest of the class. This course has been nominated for an Undergraduate Student Government Teaching Excellence Award for Engaging Lectures.

COGS330: Cognitive Brain Imaging
(Spring 2008, expected Spring 2009)
An advanced lab based course. The first half is dedicated to going through the first 12 chapters of the textbook "Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging" by Huettel, Song & McCarthy, and doing some basic excersizes looking at and analyzing brain imaging data. The second half of the course involves collecting and analyzing novel fMRI data. The  wiki for the course can be found here:

USSO285J: The Limits of Science
(Spring 2008, not currently rescheduled)
A seminar course that examines the ability of science to address questions that have traditionally been thought to lie beyond it, in particular issues of consciousness, free will, morality and religion. We have had a number of guest lectures by profs of physics, religion, biology and philosophy. We have been reading "The illusion of Conscious Will" by Dan Wegner