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There are 3 houses on the "Fairhurst Estate" located at 7 Fairview Rd: Fairgreen Cottage (7A), Fairgreen Loft (7B)  and the main house (7).  See Fairhurst Estate for a full description.

Don't trust a GPS!  Entering "7 Fairview Rd., Constantia" onto Google Maps will invariably take you 7 to Fairview Rd, Wynberg. If your need to find us on Google Maps, use "7 Fairview Rd, Deurdrif,  Cape Town".  That works.  (Duerdrif is a sub-part of Constantia.)

At the the gates there are three call buttons. The one to the right is for the cottage: 7A.  At the two button call station at the main swing gates, the top button calls 7 (main house) and the bottom button 7B (the Loft).