Tony's Kayak Page

I thought I'd use this site to store most of my old webpage content from my regular site.

Be warned kayak building is addictive!

Welcome to my kayak building website, this is one of a few hobbies I have. I have another site with some kayaking and car construction info on it if you would like to have a look. It's called Tony's Cars and Kayaks.
I have posted  some photos of some of the  processes involved to hopefully provide a little bit of information for those of you that are considering building a kayak or are looking for hints to make your kayak a little more distinctive. I am by no means an expert this being my first kayak building project but it is something that anyone can do, with a few spare hours and a little woodworking knowledge.

There are quite a few websites that are a fountain of information, I have listed a few of these in my links page.