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Computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, 2D/3D data processing, 3D video, 3D reconstruction, object recognition/classification, database indexing/retrieval, shape modeling, shape matching, geometric data coding, image/video processing, human-computer interaction, multimodal event dynamics modeling, software development.

Work experience

2016.4: Research Scientist at Facebook, Inc. - Oculus Research, San Francisco office.

2014.10-2016.4: Lead Scientist & Vice Group Manager at Rakuten, Inc., Tokyo, Japan.
+ Rakuten Institute of Technology (R&D department), Visual Computing Group.
> R&D in 3D vision, object recognition, AR/VR, mobile CV for e-commerce services 
> Supported research group creation and management 
> Project/Product management, patent applications

2010.2-2014.9: Assistant Professor (Computer Vision R&D) at Kyoto University, Japan.
+ Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kawahara Laboratory & 
Graduate School of InformaticsMatsuyama Laboratory.
Japan Science and Technology CREST project since 2009.9 [5 year project]: human-computer interaction modeling, multimodal A/V capture systems (hardware and software development), behavior dynamics.
> JSPS AYAME project in collaboration with the Morpheo team at INRIA Grenoble since 2012.4 [2 year project]: dynamic data coding/compression, immersive systems.
> JSPS WAKATE B project (P.I.) from 2011.4 to 2013.3 [2 year project]: dynamic surface modeling, 3D scene understanding, object recognition.
> Microsoft Research Windows Azure project (P.I.) from 2014 [1 year project]: cloud computing, dynamic contents.
> JSPS WAKATE B project (P.I.) from 2014.4 to 2016.3 [2 year project]: SLAM, object recognition.

2008.6-2010.1: Postdoctoral Research fellow at  Kyoto University, Japan.
> 3D video reconstruction using multiview stereo techniques, 3D super-resolution.
> Dynamic shape matching and retrieval for big 3D video datasets.
> Visual/face tracking in multiview videos. 
(C, C++, OpenGL, Matlab, OpenCV, Visual Studio / Linux, Windows, Mac)

2005.9-2008.4: Senior Research & Development (R&D) engineer at Trimble Navigation (IT company), 3D Laser Scanning Division, Paris, France.
> Processing and visualization of big 2D/3D data acquired by terrestrial 3D laser scanner (i.e., point clouds, meshes and images of archaeological sites, construction sites, monuments, buildings, factories, etc.).
> Development and i
mplementation of algorithms in Trimble RealWorks software for high-end users (C, C++, OpenGL, MFC / Visual Studio, CVS, Bugzilla).

2005.6-2005.8: Research fellow at Kyoto UniversityJapan. 
> Dynamic shape modeling for 3D video data compression.

2002.5-2005.6: Research associate at Telecom ParisTech (ENST), Signal and Image Processing dept., CNRS UMR 5141 LTCI, Paris, France.
Enhanced Reeb graphs for 3D shape retrieval in database of art objects.
> Member of European IST project SCULPTEUR, contributor of open source library FVS. (C, C++, JAVA, OpenGL / Linux, Windows)

2000.9-2002.4: IT consultant/Software engineer at Alcatel (IT company), Velizy, France.
> Intelligent Network design, development, integration and maintenance for
mobile phone prepaid services (client: Globtel Slovakia). (Visual Basic, SQL / Windows, UNIX)

1999 (6 months): Engineer intern at Matra BAe Dynamics, Advanced Study Dept., Velizy, France.
> Infrared Homing Head Modeling and Simulation (Confidential Defence). Reverse engineering (FORTRAN / UNIX). 

1998 (3 months)Engineer intern at Siemens AG, Technical Center Division, Munich, Germany.
> Innovative Quality Control Methods for Rotating Machines using AI Methods (
European Brite-Euram III project INQUAC). (Matlab, C++, Visual Studio)

1998 (6 months): Software development for vestibulo-ocular reflex simulation. Project with Hautepierre hospital and CNRS biophysics laboratory in Strasbourg, France. (JAVA)

1997 (2 months): Engineer intern at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Astrophysics dept., Saclay, France.
Processing of Elliptic Galaxy Images Captured by ISOCAM (IR cam of the European satellite ISO). (Matlab /UNIX)


2014-2016: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (Principal Investigator).
2014: Microsoft Research Windows Azure for Research Award (value: 40,000 USD). Nominated "light house" project (received sixty man-hours).
2012: IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Spotlight Paper, August 2012.
2011-2013: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (Principal Investigator).
2010: International Information Science Foundation grant.
2008-2010: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Post-doc fellowship (selected through open recruitment: 20.6% out of 969 applications) & Grant-in-Aid.
2005: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Summer Program fellowship & Grant-in-Aid.


2002-2005: Ph.D. degree from Telecom ParisTech (ENST), Paris, France.
+ Majors in Signal and Image Processing. 
+ Thesis title: Enhanced Reeb graphs for 3D shape retrieval in database of art objects.
+ Supervisor: Pr. Francis Schmitt.

Disclaimer: academic excellence ranking of French engineer schools [here]

Professional activities

Association: Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and Computer Vision Foundation (CVF).
Journal/Book reviews: IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU)IEEE Trans. Image Processing (TIP), Image and Vision Computing (IVC), Pattern Recognition (PR), IEEE Trans. Human-Machine Systems, Machine Vision and Applications (MVA), IEICE Trans. Inf. & Syst., IPSJ Trans. CVA, IGI Global book, Journ. Computer Science and Technology
Conference Program committee member: reviews for CVPR, ICCV, 3DV, SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, VRST , ICPR, ICIP, ACPR, and associated workshops (CVPR HAU3D, ICCV 4DMOD, 3DV DSMA, ACPR ASVAI,)
Supervision: M.Sc. student research projects and thesis (2004-2005, 2007, 2010-2011), Ph.D. (2010-).
Teaching: Computer Vision class (M.Sc.), Kyoto University 2009/2010/2011/2012.


French: Native language.
English: Fluent.
Japanese, Spanish, German: Intermediate.
Cambodian: Fluently spoken.
Mandarin: Elementary.

My Gallery

At Matsuyama Laboratory, Kyoto University (Sep. 2014)

At the French embassy in Tokyo (Jun. 2013)
At TEDxKyoto (Sep. 2012)

After SIGGRAPH (Aug. 2012)
Selfie at the MIT (Dec. 2011)
At Tokyo Game Show (Sep. 2011)

At Matsuyama laboratory, Kyoto University, testing the Kinect (Dec. 2010)

At Disney after visiting Todai (Nov. 2010)

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