Tonsillectomy and Post Operative Journal with Pictures

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Welcome to the POST-OP Tonsillectomy Page


I'm Steve and I created this page because after my tonsillectomy, I noticed things going on in my throat that I didn’t understand and were really grossing me out!!


My doctor told me these things would happen but I chose not to believe him because I consider myself above average in healing and pain tolerance.


So I kept a journal and took pictures, lots of them, and would show them to my surgeon. He confirmed that they are normal. Maybe this will bring some enlightenment to the amount of pain that people over 30 years old will face.




Needless to say, my surgeon warned me ahead of time that this was going to be the most excruciating pain I have ever felt .  Just FYI, I had a ruptured appendix in 2005 (that I was being treated for gallstones) for over 6 months. It had leaked/ruptured about 4 times according to the scar tissue. I thought at the time that this was the worst pain I ever felt.




See the link below to download the PDF of my journey into a new form of pain, and it truly was exactly as my EENT described it would be..,


When they tell you it’s going to be bad, they are NOT exaggerating!!



Tonsillectomy Journal with Pictures in PDF Format