Classroom Counseling Lessons

My Role:

As an Elementary School Counselor, I work alongside teachers to meet the needs of their students.  Classroom teachers focus on the student's academic needs and I focus on their emotional needs.  I coordinate with Parents, Teachers, and Administrators to continue the success of our students

Some of my responsibilities are to:     

·         Counsel individually with students in brief sessions

·         Teach monthly Classroom Counseling Lessons in classrooms

·         Conduct small group counseling sessions

·         Consult with parents and families regarding concerns

·         Consult with teachers

·         Provide information on community resources for families

·         Provide support during personal crisis

·         Promote a positive and safe school climate

·         be a Visible, Proactive, Positive, Support for ALL Staff and Students

My Calendar:

Tonie Crawford - Elementary Counselor

Campus Schedule:

 Monday  Green Acres Elementary
 Tuesday     Morningside Elementary 
 Wednesday   Sunset Elementary
 Thursday  Intermediate School
 Friday          Cactus/Hillcrest



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