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I am consolidating my Oracle posts in several categories like;

- Oracle Expanded Supplied Packages with 10g Series DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO, UTL_COMPRESS, DBMS_DB_VERSION etc.

- Oracle New Dictionary Enhancements with 10g Series V$OSSTAT, V$SYSMETRIC_HISTORY, V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY etc.

- Oracle Built-in Functions Series VSIZE, GREATEST, EXTRACT, NVL2, COALESCE etc.

- Oracle SQL Extentions Series Analytic SQL, SQL Model Clause, Regular Expressions, Hierarchical Queries(Oracle Trees) etc.

- Oracle Database Concepts Series ACID properties, Transaction Management, Concurrency, Read Consistency, Locking Mechanisms, Redo, Undo(Rollback), Latch, Enqueue etc.

- There are more than one NUMBER and Character Native Type Series Other Character Datatypes, Other Numeric Datatypes, LOB Datatypes, RAW and LONG RAW Datatypes, ROWID and UROWID Datatypes, XML Datatypes, and also Data Conversion

- There are more than one TABLE Type Series Partitioned Tables, Nested Tables, Temporary Tables, Object Tables, External Tables, Index Organized Tables(IOT)

- There are more than one INDEX Type Series Unique and Nonunique Indexes, Composite Indexes, Function-Based Indexes, Reverse Key Indexes, Bitmap Indexes, Bitmap Join Indexes, Domain Indexes and also Indexes and Nulls

- Oracle Best Practices Series Backup and Recovery with Recovery Manager, High Availability with Data Guard and Real Application Clusters, Automatic Manageability Features like Automatic Storage Management(ASM) and Automatic Segment Space Management(ASSM)

- Oracle Business Intelligence and Extraction, Transformation, Loading(ETL) Series Materialized Views, Table Compression, Parallel Execution, OLAP Capabilities, Data Mining

- Oracle Content Management Series XML in Oracle, LOBs, Oracle Text, Oracle Ultra Search, Oracle interMedia, Oracle Spatial

- Oracle Security Series User Resource Limits and Profiles, Privileges and Roles, Fine-Grained Access(FGA) Control

- Oracle Information Integration Series Distributed SQL, Oracle Streams, Oracle Transparent Gateways and Generic Connectivity

All these topics mentioned above is very easy to get familiar by reading this chapter and guide;

Oracle® Database Concepts 10g Release 2 (10.2)
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Oracle Database


Also other series will be;