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Orphanage Letter to Jiao, Zi Cheng

On the day of Jiao, Zi Cheng’s adoption, her parents were presented with two laminated cards. Each with a picture on one side, Chinese words on the other. One picture was her referral picture, one picture was the front building of the orphanage with the sign (see Tongshan photos). One card had her daily schedule written out. (awake at 7:30 AM. Naps at 12:30-2:30 PM, In bed for night at 9 PM; How many times per day she uses the bathroom; what she eats; her birthdate and adoption date.) The second card had a letter typed out. Once home in the States, a Chinese friend translated it.

“Unforgettable Days”

Jiao Zi Cheng: You are a Chinese girl with yellow skin and black hair. Your hometown is Tong-Shan County, Hubei Province. You were born December 20th, 1998 (lunar calendar- Tiger year). Like tiger, you will be one who is clever and loves peace. Your hometown is an ancient but civilized city (there are nationally famous resorts and emperor’s tombs here). You have lived here for a while and are happy. The staff of Tong-Shan Orphanage took good care of you and treated you as their own child.

Now we give you a little bag containing the hometown’s earth, which means you do not forget your root (your hometown) wherever you go. We hope you can learn some Chinese and Chinese history when you grow up. The people here will warmly welcome you and your adoptive parents to Tong-Shan as guests someday, visiting us and your birthplace.

Wish you whole family happy and filled with blessing!

Orphanage Director: Jiao Nan-Zeng
Staff: Wong Wong-Sheng
December 2, 1999