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Adoption Information

bullet Personal Adoption Stories
A huge site developed by an adoptive mother. It contains over a hundred different China adoption stories…. Two of which are TongShan families! Check them out under “November 1996” (The site is set up where you can sort by date or by orphanage)
bullet Hubei Adoption Trips
This is an email-group list for Hubei families. It is not overwhelming but the conversations about people's experiences in Wuhan are great! You can subscribe directly at

bullet Families With Children From China (FWCC) 
This is fantastic website containing everything you need to know about adoption from China. One of the older newsletters also includes an appeal for donations and an explanation of what they use the funds for…. One of which was for TongShan orphanage!
TongShan Information

bullet Mount Jiugong
Mount Jiugong is located in the middle of the Mo Fu Mountain Range which runs across Tongshan County, Hubei Province.

Professional Photos of life in Tongshan

Professional Photographer Alister Benn writes:

In my gallery Glimpses of China, the following images were all taken in Tongshan:
 16,24,26,27,28,30 to 53...49 is main street Tongshan.
A Tongshan Wedding 
These photos were shot in my wife's mothers village on the outskirts of Tongshan in 2005,
celebrating her younger sisters wedding. The photo "Cooks in color", is exactly how life is in Tongshan.

Here is an intersting article about a school in Tongshan!
bullet The economic history of Hubei Province
The history in general of Hubei Province Six Dead at Two Coal Mines in Hubei, Tongshan County Xinhua News Agency, China Labor Watch, 28 March 2001
bullet Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Philologica 1, Orientalia Pragensia
Table of Contents. Editor’s Note 7. I—Languages 9. Survey of the Tongshan (Tongyang Zhen) Dialect, Hubei Province (David Sehnal)

Hubei, Wuhan and surrounding area

bullet Hubei Orphanage Tour
This EXCELLENT website details the experiences of a philanthropic group named FCO (Foundation for Chinese Orphanages) who do some fantastic work in China, helping them to improve their orphanages and raising money for nannies, playrooms, equipment, and much much more. Although their tour did not include TongShan, they DID get to visit many other ones, with likely very similar characteristics.
bullet CNN: Visions of China
Click on "Interactive map" near the top to see more information about Hubei (or any other province).

 Hubei Province

An excellent site that gives much useful information about Hubei Province.

Another excellent site is: 

Businesses in TongShan

Most are in Chinese; taken from the Google Search engine.  While these web pages don’t tell us a lot, they DO give us small hints into what kind of area, industries, resources our children would have had as part of their life in China.

bullet TongShan Baolin Construction Materials Company Stone Materials Plant
Address:No.18 Baolin Road, Boshi, Tongshan, Hubei, Zip:437625.
bullet TongShan Power Supply Bureau
Long-distance Communication Network Project for Wuhan Telecom


Tongshan Power Supply Bureau; Long-distance Communication Network Project for Wuhan Telecom; ... - 5k

"" Investment-China ... They are Chibi city, Xianan division, Tongcheng county, Jiayu county, Tongshan county, Chongyang county and Wenquan Tourist Economic Development Zone. ... - 11k

 "" Product Profile [C] ... Ltd., China Hubei Tianmen Artistic Glass Products Factory, China Hubei Tongshan Marble Factory, China Hubei Vehicle Engineering Plastics Plant, China Hubei ... - 101k

Dongyue Road Subdistrict It is a vital communication hub among places like Daye, Ezhou, Xianning, Tongshan and Jiinniu and another from Tieshan to Heshengqiao meet at the downtown and ... dayewindow/dy1/xzgk/xzxze.htm - 22k

 "" Paper and Pulp Market in China -- by: Access Asia ... Guangzhou Dongfang CardboardBoxes Mill 6.3.40 Hangzhou Wulin Paper Mill 6.3.41 Linhai Cardboard Mill 6.3.42 Longyan Paper Mill 6.3.43 Hubei Tongshan Paper Mill ... - 20k

Hubei Tongshan Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. No.3 Luohanwan, Tongshan, Hubei. 437600. 0715-2398511. ... - 17k