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Discrepancy Calculator

What is Discrepancy Calculator?

Discrepancy Calculator is an Android application that runs on tablets 7" and larger. It is made for  special educators and others who assist individuals who have a specific learning disability, sometimes termed LD or SLD. The calculator performs a statistical analysis on the score obtained from an individual's cognitive, or IQ test and the scores from a standardized achievement test. 

Discrepancy Calculator for Android

The purpose of the analysis is to see if there is a significant discrepancy between the two scores and to assess the severity of the gap. Discrepancy Calculator employs regression to derive an expected achievement score based upon the individual's, IQ. Then the expected score is compared with the the individual's actual achievement to decide if there is a severe gap between them. This signals the possibility that that the individual may have a learning disability. 

Discrepancy Calculator gives you unprecedented convenience and and fast easy operation. Just select the individual's IQ and achievement test from a list and type in the standard scores. The app will tell you if there is a severe discrepancy and it will show you where the scores fall on the normal bell curve.

Special educators, learning specialists, and individuals who interpret the outcomes of standardized tests to diagnose learning disabilities and determine eligibility for special education services will save valuable time using Discrepancy Calculator. People who work in a field that assists individuals with disabilities can get reads of LD indicators. The app will also be extremely informative to parents, advocates, and those who wonder if they themselves might have a learning disability and want to educate themselves on this complex subject. Discrepancy Calculator will help document, substantiate, confirm, or rule out  a suspected learning disability. It provides a way to define and understand some of the implications of learning disabilities.

Discrepancy Calculator is available for purchase for $6.99 on the Google app store. It was designed to run on Android tablets. The application was written by me, Tom Woods, a special educator, reading teacher, and correctional instructor. In a previous lifetime I was a computer programmer. I wrote this computer program, or 'app' in android parlance, to solve a problem, which it does very well. If you are a new purchaser, thank you. If you are considering a purchase, you can learn more on the pages that follow about how to use the application and how it works.

Ready to Buy?

Click this link to open a new page showing the Discrepancy Calculator Listing on the Google Play Store. 

Update History

Here is a brief synopsis of features added in new updates.

Version 7.2

* More achievement tests added. PLEASE NOTE, to make your device recognize tests that come now and in the future, please bring up the action bar menu and tap on "Reset Test Lists." This prepares the new tests for your use.

Version 7

* Several new achievement tests added

* A 'generic' cognitive and achievement test was added in which you can write your own reliability coefficients.

* Menu item added to revert to default test reliability coefficients

* Expands compatibility with different sized displays (including Samsung Note)

* There is a new 'Save' button that will preserve reliability coefficients that you modify yourself

Version 6: 

* expands compatibility with different sized displays

* now offers two methods for calculating discrepancy

Version 5:

You can select from a variety of correlation estimation methods.

Version 3-4:

Two ways to input data... keyboard or slider.

Designed for 7 inch and 10 inch screen formats