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Short Bio

Licensed as a Novice in 1952, WN4BQF. Have remained quite active, except for time served in the  Navy (11 yrs). Spent 18 years as a microwave circuit and systems design engineer, three years as director of engineering. Worked for 15 years as a computer/network specialist for the Food and Drug Administration.

After living in the Washington, DC area for 36 years, retired in 2003 and moved to Cecil, Georgia, in the south part of Georgia, where I purchased a nice home, with swimming pool, barn, John Deere tractor, and a cat! The property is 15 acres which backs up to a 250 acre fishing pond.

I am widowed, have a daughter and twin boys. My daughter, Liz, is the Business Editor of the (IHT) International Herald Tribune, published in Paris. Liz is a complete 'French convert' and absolutely loves the French, France, and being in Europe.

Tim and Terry are my identical twin boys, age 35. Tim is a dental instructor in Great Lakes, Illinois. Terry works for and runs the Mayport Marina, in Mayport, Fla. (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Besides thoroughly enjoying my hobby of ham radio, I also enjoy R/C helicopter building and flying, largemouth bass fishing, listening to modern jazz.

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                My Cecil, Ga home

                 Landscape Engineer

      W9FCX and KB9XE at Dayton

         Both great QRQ operators!

                     Pool visitors !