Professor of Linguistics at Université du Québec à Montréal

Research interests: Morphology, Syntax, Determiners

  • Books
    • The Architecture of Determiners. (2015). Oxford University Press.
    • An Annotated Syntax Reader. Lasting Insights and Questions. 2013. Wiley-Blackwell. Co-edited with Richard Kayne and Raffaella Zanuttini.

  • Dissertation
    • The Internal Syntax of Determiners (2008 Ph.D. Thesis, New York University)

  • Articles
    • Generalized x-to-C in Germanic. (2015). Studia Linguistica 69.3, p.272-303
    • The internal syntax of `jeder' (`every'). 2010. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 2009, p.153-204
    • `What for' internally. 2008. Syntax 11.1, p.1-25

  • Book chapters
    • Ein is ein and that is that: A note on anti-homophony and metamorphology. 2017. In: Heather Newell, Maire Noonan, Glyne Piggot, and Lisa DeMena Travis (eds). The Structure of Words at the Interfaces, OUP
    • Feminine bleeds dative: The syntax of a syncretism pattern. 2012. In: Beatriz Fernandes and Ricardo Etxepare (eds.) Variation in Datives: A Micro-Comparative Perspective, OUP
    • From Greek to Germanic: Poly-(*in)-definiteness and weak/strong adjectival declension. 2009. In: Anna Gavarro, Josep M. Brucart, and Jaume Sola (eds.) Merging Features: Computation, Interpretation, and Acquisition, OUP

  • Proceedings and Working Papers
    • The indefinite article - Indefinite? - Article? 2012. In: UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics 18.1: Proceedings of PLC 35, p.161-168
    • A note on `what for' split. 2007. In: NYU Working Papers in Linguistics 1
    • These HERE demonstratives. 2007. In: UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics 13.1: Proceedings of PLC 30, p.141-154
    • Donkey pronouns: Void descriptions? 2005. In: Proceedings of NELS 35, Vol. 2, GLSA, p.379-390
    • Something invisible in English. 2005. In: UPenn Working Papers in Linguistics 11.1: Proceedings of PLC 28, p.143-155
    • VP preposing and relative scope (with Laura Rimell). 2005. In UPen Working Papers in Linguistics 11.1: Proceedings of PLC 28, p.241-251
    • English VP preposing and relative scope (with Laura Rimell and Erez Levon). 2003. In: Proceedings of ConSole XI
    • A sketchy note on the Article-Modifier relation. 2001. In: Generative Grammar in Geneva 2, p.55-70

  • Recent handouts
    • Dividing up the definite article between verbal inflection and personal pronoun: mo-mot-2016-HO-bis.pdf (handout Mo-MOT 18.11.2016)
    • Anchoring in the utterance situation: The so-called 3SG suffix in German `mach-t' and English `make-s' as present tense variants of the definite article: GLOW 2017 poster (poster GLOW 17/3/17)
    • Unifiant `do-support' sous la fséq AgrS<Neg<T<Aux: Thivierge-Cote-Leu-2017-ACFAS.pdf (handout ACFAS 12.5.2017, joint work with L. Thivierge-Côté)